Happy President’s Day

Happy President’s Day from the Presidents!

Some President’s are happier than others.  They are all celebrating in their own way 🙂


Super Bowl Madness!


We brought in Little Frankie and Buddy to help ensure an Eagles Super Bowl Victory this Sunday!!

A little bit of the Force will also be appreciated!

Carsen is stoked its Ground Hog Day and that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl!  Let’s do this!  #flyeaglesfly


Bjorn and Friends Are Feeling Christmasy

Wentz is stoked about Christmas Day Football!

Who is ready for some Christmas Cookies?  We are, We are!!!!



Happy Thanksgiving from the Bjorn and Mick Gang!

Now bring on Christmas….


Halloween Is Over And The Halloweenies Are Sad

It’s November now.  Sure there are all these “Day of the Dead” festivities going on since 10/31 but our time of fun is almost over.

All that is left for us is to catch up watching Survivor.  Hector thinks some of these folks are just NUTS!  I think he’s right.


It’s Bastille Day, Y’all!

Barry wishes you all a Happy Bastille Day!  Freedom is awesome!

Jimmy and Eddie were all about celebrating too.

Keeping in mind they celebrated National French Fry Day, so…um…yeah.