Battle of the Cursed Skull

Isn’t the headline awesome.  Like a mystery or something.

I’m just joshing you.  I was fine the whole time.

We were having Halloween fun.

We followed the fun with a bowl of pastina.  I’m not sure why.  I would have preferred a hoagie myself.  When in Rome, as they say.

Halloween is so much fun!!!


Halloween Is Over And The Halloweenies Are Sad

It’s November now.  Sure there are all these “Day of the Dead” festivities going on since 10/31 but our time of fun is almost over.

All that is left for us is to catch up watching Survivor.  Hector thinks some of these folks are just NUTS!  I think he’s right.

Oh Hey Bjorn!

Got to hang out with my Cousin Bjorn today.  He’s loving retirement.

He’s been sleeping until noon and stuff like that.  We were talking about getting the old gang together for a hootenanny.  We haven’t had one in so long.

Photo time in front of Bean’s Haunted town.  Very cool.  It even makes scary screams and thunks in the night and is complete with lightening!

It was a good night hanging with the old cousin and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Another Bjorn-a-licious Weekend

I hung out with Bean and The Roomie this weekend.  They took me to a Halloween thingy.  Someone told me my costume was amazing.  Um Rude much.  I digress.
We had a lot of fun and as you can see below the kid who jumped in my photo was digging me too!


Without my smiling face...

Bringing Joy to the Masses!

It was an awesome weekend!


The Scarecrow and the Geek

Before I start my post that Geek I live with asked me to pimp out her newest blog of all blogginess.  So without any adieu even if I try really hard…here it is…Blue Sign America.

One of my weekend adventures was a Scarecrow Festival at Morris Arboretum.

You know I love this place because certain places there remind me of being home on the Fjords.  Like this one…

Can you find me?  This shot is really the flavor of my blog…’Where’s Bjorn’.  Have you found me yet…I’ll give you a hint.  I’m right over there.

I got to see lots of Scarecrows…you know because it was like, you know the theme of the day at the Arboretum.  Here are some of the highlights.

This is may favorite time of the year because I get got spend lots of time running a muck in the forest!  I’ve got lots more to show you from the Arboretum so y’all come back ya hear!

Scary Troll Alert!!!

I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks and haven’t really had time to post anything.  Today I’m ready to share with everyone that I’ve got my Halloween costume for the big night.  The Roomie said it was totally me…which I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing since I’m going as a serial killer.  Any who…I give you my costume for All Hallow’s Eve!

Yeah...I know...I'm awesome!

I got the idea from my friend.  His name is Saul or Saw or something like that…I started hanging out with him because we both don’t exactly fit in around suburbia.

And just for a little more flavor of the season…I got a pumpkin!

Oh yeah…Halloween is in the air!!!  I can smell it…it kind of smells like feet but I can smell it not withstanding 😉