Happy Labor Day!

Pookie Noodlin is all about Long Holiday Weekends!


Blow Me Earl!

I’m sitting here waiting for my first brush with a hurricane.  We don’t get many hurricanes on the fjords…well we get zero to be exact so this will be interesting.  Word on FB (Facebook for the non-savvy readers) is that it just grazed NC (That’s North Carolina for the really non-savvy readers).

Earl Blows!!!

I feel like Earl's creeping up on me...that bastard!

Bjorn Maelstrom Weather Dude...seriously this is a piece of pie with a side of hurricane!

I was watching Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz yesterday and with the help of MG from FB we’ve come up with a new ‘gasm word….It’s a Schwartz-gasm.  He’s just way too excited about the weather.  The crankier the weather the more revved up he gets.  It’s really kind of scary and we try to keep the kids away from the TV when he’s “doing” the weather.  LOL…did you catch that “doing” the weather…yeah I crack myself up.

The Roomie just can’t appreciate my humor.  Hey stop giving me the stink eye over there!!!  Any way this weekend is a long holiday weekend for Americans and since I live and work with one I get to partake in said holiday so YEAH FOR ME!

p.s.  I think my Roomie thinks I’m gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that)…she buys the weirdest clothes.