Bjorn and Friends – Vacation – Part II – The Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse is very cool.  Well lets face it most lighthouses are cool…especially haunted ones.  But that’s more a topic for Halloween.  Any way,  We all took a trip to the Cape May Lighthouse and thanks to the Roomie walking up 199 steps we got to see the incredible views.

Chris wasn’t in these pictures because she was in line for a snow cone at the food truck….sheesh!

Dude it’s high up here!

A Lighthouse with a view.

The Roomie was hot and exhausted but honestly I was okay with her carrying us up the 199 steps.  We felt great when we got to the top…HA HA HA!


Bjorn and Friends on Vacation – Part I

We were on vacation this past week.  And by we I mean the Roomie, Bean, Hazel, Mick, Chris and myself.  You didn’t think I was going to miss vacation did ya?  Seriously, if anyone needs a vacation it’s the guy with the fractured nose, lol.

Bjorn and the Sunken ShipEveryone wanted their picture taken.  Here were are at the S.S. Atlantus at Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey.

Down the street from Sunset Beach is the World War II Lookout Tower.  It was very cool.  The tour guides were Seniors who had served or lived during WWII and were from the area.

There were about 150 Steps which was no problem because the Roomie walked them and we got a ride with her.  Sucker!

This site has a lot of History.  During the war it was a lookout point for German U-Boats.  They even captured one-off the coast.  It hosts memorials to the soldiers who survived and those who didn’t come home at all.  It’s quite moving.

I’m glad that we had the opportunity to see this memorial to WWII.  Check it out if you get a chance.

Vacation With Bean – Part III – My Near Death Experience

Bean and I saw some amazing things in our travels.  She took me to see the sunken Concrete Ship.  Yep, you read that correctly…Sunken Concrete Ship called Atlantus.  Check it out:

The Atlantus and Bjorn

While visiting the Christmas Towne I had a near death experience.   Bean eventually helped me get out of this pickle but first she laughed…A LOT…and then she grabbed the camera…and after some more laughing and taunting…she helped me.  Thanks Bean!

Call 911 I'm a little Troll in need of Rescue!!!

I sent the Roomie some post cards to taunt her tell her we was having a great time.

Wildwood, New Jersey 🙂

And this is what I wrote…

Yep...I'm Awesome!!!

And here I am Mailing it…

...You've Got Mail...

We had some Rain on vacation but we then went to the Book Store which is way cool!  I got some books written by my cousins…the Hobbits.

I loved this place!

Excuse me...Do you sell books here?


We had a blast on our vacation.  I tried to get Bean to dump the Roomie but for some reason she likes her.  I’m not sure why she does but she does.  I must be losing some of my Troll Swagger because I went from being LL Cool B to Dude your giant head is blocking the TV.  Oh well…I’ll always have Epcot 😉

My Vacation with Bean – Part II – Christmas in August

Bean and I went to see many of the sites around the Shore area.  Here are my pics of my vacation.  I really didn’t want to leave but Bean made me…not so much made me but pointed out that she drove me so…um…I had to go home.

Christmas is awesome of course...Christmas at the Shore...Way Awesome!

Me and Santa YOs!

What? Who's behind me? What do you mean don't turn around????

Behold my Awesomeness!!

Lunch under the Gazebo anyone?

Stay tuned for my next vacation installment…you won’t want to miss it.  I have a near death experience.

Guess Who’s Back From Vacation! Part One

Yep…Me!   Talk about an awesome time.  Bean and I had a blast…mostly because the Roomie wasn’t there.  I sent her some postcards just to taunt her…you know…because I could, lol.  Yes it’s just that easy with her, lol.

Okay y’all…I’ve got pictures!!!  Prepare to be jealous!

You should never spend the evening drunk and expect to get up early and navigate...I made it work though

Our Summer Haven!

Look...I'm Like Frickin' ET with my mad Flower Skills!

Admit think I'm hot in my swim trunks! Yeah I know...but you can say it!

The Roomie Said I look Gay in this picture...not gay just FABULOUS...but of course!

Bean shared her book with me. Since I broke my arms off I need someone to turn the pages for me 😉

Ah...A Day at the Beach!

I have more pictures but I want you to just enjoy these few for right now.  I will end this post here.  I had fun with Bean this week and I had fun tormenting the Roomie with the fact I was with her gf all week and she wasn’t.

Yeah…I’m evil…but it’s all good, lol.   Um I hope…how fast can a person change the locks?  Oh…I’d better go.