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The Summer of Barry – Vacation

The Roomie took us to the Beach again this year for Vacation.  Fun had by all…especially me!

I was all over the Jersey Shore.  From Wildwood Crest to Cape May to Ocean City.  I was getting it done!

I saw the Sunken Ship at Sunset Beach, Cape May.

I saw the World War II Watch Tower as well.  What a view!

I went Shopping at the Washington Street Mall.

Stopped by Winterwood for some Christmas Cheer!

Watched Totality of the Solar Eclipse on TV because Jersey didn’t experience Totality.

But what we did have was pretty spectacular any way.

I watched the Sunset at Sunset Lake in Wildwood Crest.

And I spent the day at the bay with my friends.

The Beach…oh the beach…I heart you most of all.  What a vacation it was!

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Still Loving Vacation…

Even though we are home we keep looking at the pictures.  It was that much fun.  Well minus the Seaweed Attack…and hurricane (that didn’t happen).

Eddie and Jimmy walked all along the beach getting inspiration for their next writing project.  Jimmy was all “Can I Kelp You?”, he’s really not that funny.

The gang went to the book store because the weather folks were droning on about a possible low-level hurricane named Hermine.   Mr. Nigel Murray thought it was named that because it was Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform.  Apparently it’s the French pronunciation.  Um…right.

Jimmy  was only looking for how many copies of his books were in stock.  Eddie he was looking to blow this Popsicle stand and head to the Tappy.

Later both decided to enjoy the view before the hurricane hit.  Or in this case didn’t hit but they didn’t know that at the time.


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Homie the Vacation Minion!

SAM_3885 (400x300) SAM_3894 (400x300) SAM_3927 (400x300)

SAM_4018 (400x300)I love to sight see more than my roommates.  I went with Bantley to the Lighthouse at Hereford.  It was really neat.  The gardens were beautiful.  The views from the top of the lighthouse were amazing and the view of the ocean was perfect!

When we were in Cape May we went to see the Firehouse.  It’s a free exhibit (so you know I’m in).  Lots of history there.  Also the Roomie was thrilled there was a cut out fireman to stick her face in.  She’s a weirdo.

Although, when we went to the Aviation Museum I did stick my face in the astronaut.  So many cool things this summer.  I wonder what’s going on this fall!

SAM_4075 (400x300)

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Bantley’s First Vacation…Ever

So Bantley went on his first Vacation ever and he seemed to like it.  Here he is smiling.

IMG_1297 (400x300)

The beach was lovely and he got to hang out with his friends.

IMG_1354 (400x300) IMG_1382 (400x300)

He even went sightseeing.

SAM_3875 (400x300) SAM_3865 (400x300) SAM_3906 (400x300)

It was a great time.  He was making friends everywhere he went.  There was this lovely Frenchman who thought he was a celebrity but found out that Bantley was just a fun loving Troll with a penchant to having his photo taken.

SAM_3893 (400x300)

He is one handsome Troll.  Sure not as good looking as me but then again…who is?  I’m Bjorn Maelstrom and I’m hysterical!  Wait till you see what Homie was up to on vacation.

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The Maelstrom’s On Vacation

It’s not a regular time when a bunch of the Maelstrom’s are in town for a group vacation.  This year we lucked out.

IMG_1344 (400x300)
A Family Portrait at the Beach (Boone, Ingrid, Bjorn, Arvid and Nils).

IMG_1522 (400x300)

The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing.  Being Nordic we tend to like the weather colder but even the heat of the summer could dampen our fun.

IMG_1474 (400x300)

Nils was all over the place.  This was his first trip to a beach ever.  He doesn’t speak much English but he was having a blast!

IMG_1472 (400x300) IMG_1470 (400x300) IMG_1481 (400x300)

We are a fun bunch that much is true about the Maelstroms!!

SAM_4079 (400x300)

Ingrid did a lot of sightseeing on her own.  She loves all the tourist things like Museums and such.  Here she is at the Cape May Firehouse Museum.

SAM_4035 (400x300)

She also made it to the Aviation Museum.  She said we missed a great time.  You can get in the vehicles and play with the equipment.  I definitely need to visit this one!  I love touching stuff!

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Fairies are Fabulous…Duh!

The Fairies were in town yo!  Being that we are similar to elves in that we look like them and have pointy ears like them we decided when we were on vacation to visit “Christmas Town”.

IMG_0624 (400x300)

This place was a lot of fun and a Fairy can really let loose here!

IMG_0627 (300x400)

IMG_0632 (400x300)

Phin thought it was hysterical to have a Giant Santa Claus in a tree.  He’s easily amused, lol.

IMG_0620 (400x300)

IMG_0618 (300x400)

It was a really nice day and what can I say…I love me some Fairy Magic!

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Naked at the Beach

Tanta and I went to the beach this weekend and she decided she wanted to go for a dip in the ocean.

IMG_0461 (400x300)

Apparently in her home land nudity is okay.

IMG_0457 (400x300)

I tried to tell her this was a family place and nudity was frowned upon but she didn’t seem to care.

IMG_0459 (400x300)

She is one wild Dane!

IMG_0460 (400x300)

I love her because so many things make her smile.  It’s almost contagious.

IMG_0471 (300x400)

Look I’m smiling too.  You just can’t tell this is my smiley face.  Check out Tanta’s hand trying to swipe my shell.

IMG_0474 (300x400)

All was cool though…she found her own…really big shell!

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Tanta van der Kringle Goes To The Beach

My friend from Denmark moved here about a year ago.  She told me she’d never been to the Beach.  Since we were all going we invited her along for the trip.

IMG_0345 (353x400)

IMG_0308 (400x300)

IMG_0338 (400x300)

IMG_0336 (400x300)

She had so much fun.  Just look at that Troll smile.  Tanta said that next time she goes to the Shore she’s going to go swimming!  I’m glad she had fun.

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I’m Just One of the Girls

A Nor’Easter flew by leaving a windy weekend in its path.  It didn’t stop me from having fun this weekend with The Roomie and her High School Gal Pals.


Windy Saturday


The direction of my hair is pointing the wind was flying from the Bay to the Ocean.  So that would be East to West.  Yikes…aren’t they the names of some totally pissed off Witches?


Bjorn Maelstrom Welcomes you to Wildwood, New Jersey


We all went to breakfast and Wildwood being a total Tourist place to visit they offer fun places to take pictures like this one:


B, Me and Mon...yeah we're awesome!


Look out Mikey…there’s a new “Situation” on the Jersey Shore!!!


This picture came off a lot gayer than I had intended. My boyfriend isn't the Situation. Ugh!


I have more to share so come on back won’t you 😉

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Vacation With Bean – Part III – My Near Death Experience

Bean and I saw some amazing things in our travels.  She took me to see the sunken Concrete Ship.  Yep, you read that correctly…Sunken Concrete Ship called Atlantus.  Check it out:

The Atlantus and Bjorn

While visiting the Christmas Towne I had a near death experience.   Bean eventually helped me get out of this pickle but first she laughed…A LOT…and then she grabbed the camera…and after some more laughing and taunting…she helped me.  Thanks Bean!

Call 911 I'm a little Troll in need of Rescue!!!

I sent the Roomie some post cards to taunt her tell her we was having a great time.

Wildwood, New Jersey 🙂

And this is what I wrote…

Yep...I'm Awesome!!!

And here I am Mailing it…

...You've Got Mail...

We had some Rain on vacation but we then went to the Book Store which is way cool!  I got some books written by my cousins…the Hobbits.

I loved this place!
Excuse me...Do you sell books here?

We had a blast on our vacation.  I tried to get Bean to dump the Roomie but for some reason she likes her.  I’m not sure why she does but she does.  I must be losing some of my Troll Swagger because I went from being LL Cool B to Dude your giant head is blocking the TV.  Oh well…I’ll always have Epcot 😉