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The Girls Go To The Beach

It was a rainy day but we went to see the ocean while we were in town.

IMG_2215 (400x300)
IMG_2223 (400x300)
IMG_2218 (400x300)
IMG_2224 (400x300)

It was a good weekend rain or no rain.  Can’t wait to come back very soon because the beach is amazing!

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Lets Go To The Shore!

The Roomies were securing the summer rental this past weekend and we got to tag along.  The Beach looked inviting!

IMG_8756 (400x300)

China loved the warmth of the sun.

IMG_8765 (400x300)
IMG_8766 (400x300)

Bow, Elenor and Cookie were sunning themselves on the bench.

IMG_8763 (400x300)

We drove around town.  It was so quiet, not like the hustle and bustle of the Summer months.
IMG_8775 (400x300)
IMG_8779 (400x300)

Homie loved the “protecting” the local leprechaun.

IMG_8788 (400x300)

The Roomie changed the lyrics to the Robin Sparkles song “Lets Go To The Mall” with “Lets Go To The Shore” and then sang it for hours.  Now I can’t get that silly ditty out of my head.  Ugh!

Anywho…can’t wait for the Summer to start 🙂

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The Fairies Hit The Beach

I love the beach but do not get to visit it often.

IMG_0715 (400x300)

It’s fabulous here under the umbrella.

IMG_0711 (400x300)

Being a woodland creature for the most part I’ve found the beach life to be very nice indeed.  The Ocean was perfect and I had plenty of shade under this umbrella!

IMG_0750 (400x300)

Being an Irish Fairy Phinn didn’t take off his coat.  He didn’t want to get sunburned.

IMG_0981 (300x400)

This was another successful vacation at the Jersey shore for the lot of us.  Good times, food, family and fun!

IMG_1066 (400x300)

We’ll see you Wildwood Crest in 2014!

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I Miss Boating

Okay I’m not very good at boating but I liked it very much.  I think my issues arose from the fact my head is huge (Thank you Victor!) and that makes me top-heavy most of the time.  It’s true…I fall over a lot.

The seas were a little rough this day so I ended up working on my Green.  Seriously…you’ve seen me do I look like I would tan?

It was a great day of lounging and Greening!

Poor Bjorn missed out on some awesome Beachiness!  Hey Bjorn…last year when you went to the beach wasn’t there a hurricane?  Just saying…ha ha ha!

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Jared Goes To Jurrasic Beach

So Jared took Killer and Fluffy to the beach.  Kids sure do enjoy Dinosaurs…even on the beach.  Little Zoe Beachgoinggirl was all about playing with Jared and Fluffy.

Fluffy looks like he’s getting a little sunburned.  Jared should be more on his job as games keeper.  Jared…re-apply often dude!

I guess Fluffy and Killer were flashing back a couple of million years when Dinosaurs ruled the beach 😉

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

The next couple of posts will be like a slide show of our vacation.  You are welcome!

For reasons I do not understand fully the Roomie makes me travel like this…slung to a backpack. In the words of the locals…Totally not cool Yo!”
Just about to unroll my towel and hunker down with Harry Potter. I just hope the book doesn’t fall on my and crush me. That would be such a disturbance in the force.

This is my first year going to the beach.  Mostly I spent time in the fjords and back forests of Eastern Europe so this was a lovely change.  I’m really loving my time here!

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Teddy Goes Jersey Shore

Message from Bjorn:  Since I’m still all banged up and in semi-retirement and my cousin Teddy has just moved here I thought he might join the cast of thousands.  He’s a good guy and I hope you like him as much as I do.  Please don’t mention he looks nothing like us trolls…he’s adopted and doesn’t know it.

Teddy Goes Jersey Shore

First let me tell you I’m way cooler than The Situation!  It was looking to be a decent weekend at the shore so I headed down to the beach. It’s my first trip to the Jersey Coastline.  Traffic was pretty good until I got to just about Cape May…those lights suck!

The Wildwood Crest is my favorite Jersey destination so far.  I know some folks prefer Ocean City or Stone Harbour but give me WC any day!

The Beach was beautiful.  So was the water.  It was warm, jelly fish free and clear as glass.  If the wind was a little less on Sunday it would have been a 100% weekend!  Oh and yes I was reading that Nora Ephron book.  Stop judging Judgey McJudgerson!

Can’t wait to head back to my spot on the beach!

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Oh Those Wildwood Days – The Fairy Files

This past weekend I went to the shore with the Roomie and some friends.   It was hot and awesome and sandy and awesome and the ocean is always awesome!

We checked out some sights and did some stuff.

The view from our suite was kickin!

Can you see my friends on the beach over there?  Hey…put on some more sunscreen people!!!

We went to see the Sunken Ship from the 1940’s.  It’s pretty cool.

We all wanted to stay forever but unfortunately the Roomie’s got some crazy job thing so we had to go home but she assures me we are going back very soon…I can’t wait!

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Guess Who’s Back From Vacation! Part One

Yep…Me!   Talk about an awesome time.  Bean and I had a blast…mostly because the Roomie wasn’t there.  I sent her some postcards just to taunt her…you know…because I could, lol.  Yes it’s just that easy with her, lol.

Okay y’all…I’ve got pictures!!!  Prepare to be jealous!

You should never spend the evening drunk and expect to get up early and navigate...I made it work though
Our Summer Haven!
Look...I'm Like Frickin' ET with my mad Flower Skills!
Admit think I'm hot in my swim trunks! Yeah I know...but you can say it!
The Roomie Said I look Gay in this picture...not gay just FABULOUS...but of course!
Bean shared her book with me. Since I broke my arms off I need someone to turn the pages for me 😉
Ah...A Day at the Beach!

I have more pictures but I want you to just enjoy these few for right now.  I will end this post here.  I had fun with Bean this week and I had fun tormenting the Roomie with the fact I was with her gf all week and she wasn’t.

Yeah…I’m evil…but it’s all good, lol.   Um I hope…how fast can a person change the locks?  Oh…I’d better go.