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Bye 2020, No One Will Miss You

We are all thrilled that 2020 is almost gone. It won’t make Covid go away but there is more hope in the start of the new decade. 2021 brings hope on many levels.

The whole House of Misfit Toys are hoping to have outside adventures more often.  We are lucky to get to the Arboretum and other outside places.  We hope to one day soon be able to attend inside adventures again.

Everyone including The Roomies are a little stir crazy after almost a year of Sheltering.  So here is to the New Year!  Here is to Peace in our land.  Here is to Covid being neutralized and to possible adventures again.

We hope you like the new look for 2021!

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

The Sunset

One good thing this year has been the Sunsets.  Last night’s was no exception!


Christmas 2020

Only 3 days until Christmas 2020.  This year is much quieter than previous Christmas’. 

We loved the Christmas Story town lights display.  Always a good time.

On behalf of the Entire Misfit Toys Island Ferris Smurf wants to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with Hope!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

The Misfits want to wish you all a wonderful and happy Friday!!!!

Then The Snows Came…

The Roomie was having a helava couple of days.  First there was a Covid Scare.  All Negative, thank you! 

Then the Snows came.  Well, snow, freezing rain, a frozen mush from the sky.  Not so much fun there.

It was beautiful and pretty.  But it was also very wet, slushy and dangerous.  Also very heavy to lift! 

The Roomie had the day off to dig out which was amazing.  Because lifting that heavy stuff kind of stunk. 

Gritty, who is from the Planet Philly Dilly, loved it all.  He’s very weird like that, lol.  We all liked the first official snow (we’ve had squalls).  Since we received only about 12 inches of snow all last winter, getting it all at once was okay.  Not looking for too much more but we are sure Mother Nature has the only say, lol.

Keep warm peeps!

Dark Lord Is Annoyed

Those people are being mean to us Mike.

They say nonsense like, ‘The People Have Spoken’ and that we have to move out next month.  We will always have each other Mike.  Always, or until I get a paper cut.

It’s Art Baby

Vinny has been rehashing some of his classics.  He’s feeling very nostalgic.

It’s been that kind of pandemic.

Mark The Date

So even though The Dark Lord 45 refuses to admit that I’m moving into the Big House come January 20th…I’m moving into the Big House on January 20th, lol.

Women of the US…continue to Resist.  Let’s do it for RGB!

46, The Future wants strong women in his Administration.  Let the movement ride!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though Covid is raging across America we on the Island of Misfit Toys are going to keep our gathering to our Home.  We all want everyone to be safe and Happy this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the Holiday!!

Joe and Kamala

Congratulations President-Elect Joe Biden and VP- Elect Kamala Harris!

It’s been a crazy 2020 so far but here is hoping for a great 2021!

Although this would never happen in real life our Misfit Toys are all about Kindness and Respect.  So yes, this happened on the Island of Misfit Toys!

Little Frankie is excited about 2021 too!

So Old Friends Say Goodbye

Some old friends or enemies come to say goodbye to The Dark Lord 45.


I tried to help him but you know how DL is, difficult.

Sometimes it’s just best to walk away and not deal with difficult people.

Bern doesn’t work like that.  “Get out…You’re FIRED!”.  Bern said that felt really good saying that!