Going Home For The Holidays

Jeff the Clone went home to help decorate for the Christmas season.

A beautiful little planet that is mostly blue.

Oh, look there is a party going on.

Jeff the Clone decided to decorate this outside tree because he forgot he doesn’t like many people.

The Cooler Side

It snowed today.  The weather people didn’t say it was going to snow.  This week they are 0 for 2, lol.

Maz took a spin on the pink hanging thing.

On an unrelated topic….Howie wanted me to post his latest SnapChat because he said he looks uber cool!

I must agree…he does, lol.

Faced With the Franchise

Sometimes things get awkward.  Like today…

I’m so much cooler than Christian Bale, just saying!

I know what you mean GB.  Look at this guy?

He’s just modeling.  I’m living the dream not modeling it!

I don’t know why those two have their panties in a bunch.  Dude look how awesome we both are!  Pure genius is all I’m say, HA HA HA!