That Time Miranda Went To The Boathouse

The Roomie, Mrs. Roomie and I went to dinner at The Boathouse with some of Mrs. Roomie’s friends.  The food and conversation were delightful.

It was Wing Night so free pitcher with every order!  #winning!


Rain…You’re Mean

So it’s been hot, humid and raining for the last 5 days.  I’m sure it’s because the Carnival is in town.  At least that’s what The Roomie told us.

It’s just icky and sticky and wet and annoying and a bunch more adjectives and expletives.  Ugh!

Elton Does the Memorial Day Parade

It was a very hot and sunny Memorial Day.  The Parade paid excellent tribute to our local fallen soldiers.  The Parade offered us Fire Trucks, String Bands, Military Personal from many different wars and a clown.

It also kicked off the Summer of Elton and Friends.

The boys are ready to bring the music to the the mix.  Happy Summer Adventures hopefully coming your way!