Autumn Begins This Week

We are all in Fall mode.  By all of course I mean The Roomie.

Most of us are happy about that too.  There are so many fun fall activities that await us, like the Scare Crow Festivals.  Let the fun times begin!


Until the Cows Come Home

Hey looks…the cows are home.

The Roomie likes to spend her lunch hour watching the cows.  We don’t get it.


We all just smile for the pictures, lol.

Except Heat Miser…he’s still mad it’s getting colder again, lol.

Peak leaf weekend was last weekend.  Now most of the trees are bare.  There is still a little color here and there but for the most part we are banking into Winter soon.

We all love going into the forest this time of year though.  Well, everyone but Heat Miser.  He’s very cranky.



It Might Be Autumn…or Summer

We went outside.  I’m not sure why because it was 85 degrees.  It’s been more like July than October recently.

Johnny and Elliott got to spend some time in the Cornfield.  It was much like visiting work on your day off.

Brody and Melvin are enjoying October and the Farm even if it is like summer.

Elmer wanted to know where the maze and cider were?  It wasn’t that kind of farm today.  Maybe this weekend!

Hot Hot Hot Festival

We went with the Roomie to the Chestnut Hill Fall Festival.  It felt more like Summer Festival than Fall.  The temperatures were a sweltering 90+ which made the Roomie melt.

It was a lot of fun even with the heat.  We just need Fall to kick in with it’s wonderfully cool temperatures.

I might not have a cool name like Jack Skellington but I got my pumpkinishous on!  Elliott Pumpkinton is a fine name.  Maybe I will be come famous because of this blog.  I told this to the Roomie and she laughed…like a lot.  I’m too fabulous not to be famous…just saying.


Autumn’s Leaves and Bjorn For President

Being from the forest lands I love this time of year.  It’s beautiful and the air smells sweet.  The light fades quickly now and the warmth of the afternoon sun dissipates just as quickly.  Yesterday I got to walk in the sun and look at the leaves.  It was a good time.

This last picture is from the bird watching tower.  Bird Watchers are an interesting breed of people.  Just saying.

If you can’t decide on a Presidential Candidate this November please consider my Cousin Bjorn Maelstrom.  Sure he wasn’t born here but still if he gets enough votes and wins wouldn’t they just have to change that portion of the Constitution?  All I ask is that you think about him as a write-in 🙂  Thank you for your support!