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Then The Snows Came…

The Roomie was having a helava couple of days.  First there was a Covid Scare.  All Negative, thank you! 

Then the Snows came.  Well, snow, freezing rain, a frozen mush from the sky.  Not so much fun there.

It was beautiful and pretty.  But it was also very wet, slushy and dangerous.  Also very heavy to lift! 

The Roomie had the day off to dig out which was amazing.  Because lifting that heavy stuff kind of stunk. 

Gritty, who is from the Planet Philly Dilly, loved it all.  He’s very weird like that, lol.  We all liked the first official snow (we’ve had squalls).  Since we received only about 12 inches of snow all last winter, getting it all at once was okay.  Not looking for too much more but we are sure Mother Nature has the only say, lol.

Keep warm peeps!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though Covid is raging across America we on the Island of Misfit Toys are going to keep our gathering to our Home.  We all want everyone to be safe and Happy this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the Holiday!!

Almost Halloween with Charles

Charles is loving Autumn.  It’s cooler and more colorful.

Happy Fall!


The Great Pumpkin

Pookie Noodlin meets The Great Pumpkin.  It’s all rather exciting!  Happy Fall!

Luke Likes Halloween

The month is very exciting for all Aliens like me. I love the Spookies, lol.

Gritty In The House

Gritty knows that his Flyers season was over as quickly as it began so he’s cheering for the Eagles.

He’s still Riding with the Eagles even though they are losing with 0-2 so far 😦

Fly Eagles Fly!

Getting Ready for Halloween

Universal Monsters approved, lol!

It’s Halloween…Hurrah!

We began our All Hallow’s Eve with the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

Then the Roomie was all Photo shoot mode.

We then watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

So much fun had be all of us.  This is just the first half of our day. We all can’t wait to see what comes next!

The Night Before Halloween

Xan was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Mischief Night.

The Halloweenies are excited for the Big Day Tomorrow.  I think even more than The Roomie…if that’s even possible, lol.

Pablo was frightened by some of the Halloweenies but really…he’s much scarier.

Pablo says he may be scary looking but he’s still hot!  HA HA HA!

Less Than A Week Until Halloween

The housemates are a buzz with Halloween fast approaching.  The Roomie loves Halloween very much so the house is totally decorated.

We got outside at lunchtime today.  It is a crisp day and the colors are starting to change.

The Roomie had to be pushed into going back to work, lol.  She said, ‘it’s to perfect a day to be indoors”.

The Great Pumpkin was taking some rest time before the big day next week!

It was indeed a perfect day 🙂