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Bye 2020, No One Will Miss You

We are all thrilled that 2020 is almost gone. It won’t make Covid go away but there is more hope in the start of the new decade. 2021 brings hope on many levels.

The whole House of Misfit Toys are hoping to have outside adventures more often.  We are lucky to get to the Arboretum and other outside places.  We hope to one day soon be able to attend inside adventures again.

Everyone including The Roomies are a little stir crazy after almost a year of Sheltering.  So here is to the New Year!  Here is to Peace in our land.  Here is to Covid being neutralized and to possible adventures again.

We hope you like the new look for 2021!

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

The Sunset

One good thing this year has been the Sunsets.  Last night’s was no exception!


Christmas 2020

Only 3 days until Christmas 2020.  This year is much quieter than previous Christmas’. 

We loved the Christmas Story town lights display.  Always a good time.

On behalf of the Entire Misfit Toys Island Ferris Smurf wants to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with Hope!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

The Misfits want to wish you all a wonderful and happy Friday!!!!

Covid-19 Precautions

So we aren’t on total quarantine but we aren’t going out unless necessary to get supplies or go to work.

We are asked to distance ourselves from others outside by 3 feet and we are cleaning everything from our door handles to our cell phones.

We have found a lot of ways to entertain ourselves and The Roomie, lol.

It got off to a rocky start but we are all going to be okay in the end.  Use common sense and be vigilant and the time will go by quickly.

Bananas Dance Party

Those are some slippery peel moves my friend!

Have you danced today?

Visiting The Gardens

The Roomie wanted to visit her happy place today.  It was a really nice day to be outside.  Cold but very sunny for a change.

Johnny Bananas is digging living with us.  We took him to the Arboretum at lunch.

Let’s just say…JB loves having his picture taken!

Captain Canada Funday

Of course Captain Canada celebrated the Flyers win!  It’s hockey baby!

Here he is showing us his disco moves!

Then a cup of joe in the Library.  It’s a good day!

We Got A Pool Table

We all had some fun last night with the new Pool Table!

Some of us had a bit too much fun…POOKIE!!!

The pool shark in the group is definitely Dickie.

I think this table will get lots of use 🙂

Remembrance – MLK

His message has always been the most important.

We can make change without violence.

We do not have to give in to what we’ve become.  We have gone backward in America.  It’s time to find our true path again.

Dr. King showed us that when we unite WE have the power.  He was right, he’s still right and no matter how the opposition tries to stamp out the message it endures!  Thank you Dr. King for your wisdom and sacrifices.

Bratty Dropped His Beer

News headline for the day…

Being handicapped he decided bending over wasn’t for him and just got a new beer.