The Playoffs

The Flyers (Hockey) and the Sixers (Basketball) are in the playoffs.  We had a big Super Bowl Victory with the Eagles (Football) so the town is a buzz.  So are we.

Totally stoked for Philly Sports tonight.  The Roomie isn’t allowed to watch because she’s a jinx, lol.

How Did You Celebrate Rex Manning Day?

We had an amazing Rex Manning Day.  Well, Bjorn took a nap and Ingrid vacuumed the cave.  So WOW it was Amazing!!

Let’s Go Flyers!  Playoff bound!  This has been an exciting sports year for the Roomie’s home teams 🙂


The Flyers lost last night in overtime but you know what they got farther than any of those sports announcing Mooks thought they would.  My team was counted out time and again and they came back with a boost of energy and talent unlike any other.

Also, the Blackhawks may have won Lord Stanley’s Cup but they won it in Philly and I consider that a score too.  Until next year my Fly-guys!

p.s.  The Roomie was a little too excited this morning…she said her zombie was back.  Um…HELP ME!!

The Bride and the Grads

This past weekend was a flurry of activity.  So you know how the Roomie has a giant family well because of that we had more family activities.  I like them all ’cause we all have a blast!  They are fun people!

On Saturday we went to the Nephews Graduation party in the suburbs.  The Grads were as handsome as ever and the food was spectacular and the Hostess’ had the mostests.

One of the Nephew Graduates...well done boys!

Ms. J the hostess with the mostest...I fell in the food and she plucked me out of trouble!

Getting some grub with my pal Jelone!

Good time had by all!

On Sunday I went with the Roomie to her cousin’s Bridal Shower.  It was my first trip to Hershey, PA and it was cool with chocolate undertones.  Hershey as you may (or may not) know is the center of the Chocolate Universe.   They have an amusement park and tons of other things to do there…you should totally check it out!

Chocolate is like EVERYWHERE!! I think at one point it even fell from the sky!

The Bride and Groom were looking awesome!

Mrs. and Mr. Future Married Folks

It was a whirlwind of activity’s this weekend.  We even watched the Flyers win one and lose one (They are still in this MR. SUCKY Announcer guy).  I’m fairly sure tonight I’m going to bed early, lol.

Philly Is So Cool

As the Roomie was driving to work we stopped at the local fast food franchise for some tasty but unhealthy morsals when I saw this….

The Philadelphia Realestate market

I’ve never seen anything like this on the fjord.  In fact I had to have the Roomie explain to me who Angelo Bruno was and what a ‘Mob’ was.  All I can say is Holy Lingonberris youse guys!

Then we spent the rest of the ride discussing Mob nicknames.

  • Angelo Bruno aka The Gentle Don
  • Antonio Capranigro aka Tony Bananas
  • Phillip Testa aka Chicken Man
  • Nicodemo Scarfo aka Little Nicky
  • Joseph Merlino aka Skinny Joey

I’m not sure what my Mob nickname would be.  Probably something obvious like Bjorn Maelstrom aka “The Norwegian”.

On non-mob related news…LET’S GO FLYERS!!!

Let's Go Flyers....God Bless Kate Smith!

I still have some love for the Phillies.  They’ve got some issues and YES the Mets beat us but it was a viral thing and they will work out their problems.  I’m still their fan too!

Summer is here.

It’s Hockey Man!

Being Norwegian you know I’ve got to love hockey.  I do love hockey…not as much as I love Curling though, curling is the bomb baby!  The Roomie’s home team Philadelphia Flyers is back in it and they’ve got the drive to win.

Let's Go Flyers!

I personally think the magic is in the fact that Kate Smith is still singing ‘God Bless America’.  Having Gene Hart’s daughter Lauren kicking the tune with her doesn’t hurt either.  It’s all about being superstitious instead of just the regular stitious.


We tried to keep the snacks for the game in the Orange flare so Cheetos were on the menu.  The Roomie thought giving me carrots was funny…yeah…I’m still laughing you mook!

Tomorrow the Flyers are back on the ice and we are going to be rocking the house with our cheers!  Now if only they televised all curling matches in the world it would be a perfect moment!

Signs and Pirates

I’ve noticed recently how there are like a bazillion signs all over the place.  I’ve also noticed that most of the time they are ignored.  Like this sign…

We have this sign on the door at work.  Yet do you know how many people solicit?  Too many that’s how many.

Other signs tell you where you are…

…and what the drink of the day is.  How about a sign about safety…

I wonder if that Surrey has a fringe on top?  This weekend I’m following this sign…hopefully right to Lord Stanley’s cup!

I got to play Pirates.  I know what you are thinking…cool right!  Here is a picture of me in full Pirate flare…Take that Jack Sparrow!  ARGH!!!

Have a good Holiday Weekend Everyone!