Go Phillies!

The Boys of Summer are hitting them out of the park!  First Place!

Smalls sure does hope they continue this winning.  A World Series would go nice with our Super Bowl Victory!

How Did You Celebrate Rex Manning Day?

We had an amazing Rex Manning Day.  Well, Bjorn took a nap and Ingrid vacuumed the cave.  So WOW it was Amazing!!

Let’s Go Flyers!  Playoff bound!  This has been an exciting sports year for the Roomie’s home teams 🙂

Hanging with Dwayne

There was a big storm that passed through our little town and WOW did it rain.  The lightening was cool 😉  Since I had to power down my computer to wait out the storm and since Dwayne doesn’t to jack around the office we decided to go all VOGUE.

Dwayne you Ditz...you're blocking my shot!

Because it's all about MEEEEE!!!!

How about them Phillies beating Cleveland today?

No really...Peanut Butter is good for your hair...seriously

tut tut it looks like rain

A little Gaga makes the rain less rainy

And this is how Dwayne and I spent our S.H.I.T.  (Shit Honey Its Thursday) 😉


Okay I’m not really Iron Man.  If anything I’m Iron Troll!

Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) came to visit me at lunch today.

We started talking about baseball.  He’s a Mets fan…I’m like really…a Mets fan.  Well one thing led to another and we were wrestling around.

And as my Roomie likes to say…’It’s all fun and games until someone loses a leg’.

I just want to go on record saying that Iron Man is a WIMP!  Superman would have kicked my butt.  And I’m dang sure he wouldn’t have fallen apart so easily.  He was just all broken up about it…HA, HA, HA!  Get it…all broken up!  Yeah…I’m a funny Troll.

In the end we made up.  I forgave him for being a Mets Fan and he agreed to wave my Phillies Banner!  However, I don’t think we’ll be doing lunch again any time in the future.

Get Your Motor Runnin’

So I got a new car ya’ll.  Insert jealous glances HERE!  So without further adieu…

The Tuna Mobile!

Okay I didn’t get a car.  Seriously ya’ll I’m 4-1/2″ tall how am I really going to be able to drive this hot automobile!  This is Tuna’s car and every once and a while he takes me for a ride. Sometimes he’s lets me stand on the dashboard because…I’m a rebel like that!  Danger Troll engage!  This sure is a purdy car!

Go Flyers!

Oh did someone say Hockey?  You know as a Nordic person I’m all about ice and snow so when my home town team started kicking it up a notch I was all over it.  Who knew Philadelphia had a hockey team?  Oh sure…you did…but you kept all that knowledge to yourself.  Go sit in the corner and think about how selfish you’ve been!

The Phillies won yesterday too!  Wahoo!!! Go Teams!  It was sports-a-polooza last night.  But I didn’t get to watch any of that…no…I watched Dancing with the Stars because the Roomie had sole possession of the remote.  Yeah she sucks like that.  I told her in no certain terms she reminded me of a Mets Fan.  Yeah she sucks like the Mets!

The things this Troll puts up with!

Alistair Has Something To Say!

I’m not sure how much longer Bjorn’s going to let me blog.  I’m taking the opportunity to post before he kicks me off.  That said…Please enjoy my pictorial homage to the fact the Mets Suck (They are playing the Phighting Phillies this weekend).

And the Phillies Rock!!!

Well All…I hope that you enjoy your weekend as I am sure too!  Ta!

Lunch Review with Alistair

Being a Troll I’m more about leaves and grasses.  So to say I’m a salad person would be spot on.  Every once and a blue moon I will branch out of my comfort zone.  This was the case for lunch.  I ordered a BLT.  Really they should have just called it a Bacon Sandwich.  This is the bacon I removed from the sandwich.

Bacon is good for what ails you...true story

It might not look all that impressive to you but the guys ate a bunch of it and the other bunch was still on my sandwich 😉

I also tried the Onion Rings.  I wasn’t overly impressed and passed them off to the guys because they will eat anything.  No really…they will.

Onion Ring Hula Hoop anyone?

Um…did you notice that all my Troll luck was aimed at the Phillies who pulled out a victory in 11 innings?  Yeah, that was awesome.

p.s.  Still no word from Bjorn.  I guess he’s having too good a time to call home.  I hate that Troll 😉