A Visit To Legoland

We took the child to Legoland this weekend.  No not The Roomie, although I understand the confusion.  The actual child, lol.

This place was super cool.  The structures were large enough that I could live in one of them, lol.

I fell in the Lego pit by accident.  Tom Ato jumped in like it was a ball pit.  That gent is a little soft in the head.

We all had a lot of fun. Including The Roomie and the child 😉


Homie Does Some Stuff

YoStich and I had a wonderful lightsaber duel.  It was fun.  No one really fences anymore.  Twenty-First Century fencing is the best!

It was so warm outside (In the 60’s) that I was able to have my coffee on the back deck.  Just lovely.

The Roomie bought these wonderfully juicy oranges.  So yummy!

It was a good day.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Very cold indeed 😦  There is a wind chill below zero today.  People in Minnesota probably would laugh but we are not used to this kind of weather.  Homie is but that’s just because he used to live outside in all kinds of weather.

We are now more of the indoor species these days, lol.


The Day The Smiley’s Came To Town

The Smiley’s came to town in December but apparently they are shy bunch.  There are so many of them.  Blue and Yel were the first to want to hang out with us all.

They watched Chopped with The Roomie and was very interested in the novel she is reading.

These two buds were good sports and it turns out like to have their photo taken.  Which is good because The Roomie takes a lot of pictures, lol.

The Roomie said she thinks these goof-muffins will make a great addition to our ever growing group!

Fly Eagles Fly!

It’s a big Wildcard game for our Philadelphia Eagles this weekend.

Our crew is ready to cheer on St. Nicky Foles to bring us a big victory!

We won the Super Bowl last year and this year has been a bit of a struggle for the Birds.

We are facing a big game against the Bears but We believe in Nicky 6!

Patches O’Hurley is sure that they will put up one heck of a Philly Phight!



It’s Weird That It’s Thursday

When a Holiday turns into a couple of days off it’s great.  But it also messes with knowing what day it is in the week, lol.

When we went out at lunchtime today I realized it was actually Thursday, not Tuesday.  Weird, right?