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Christmas 2020

Only 3 days until Christmas 2020.  This year is much quieter than previous Christmas’. 

We loved the Christmas Story town lights display.  Always a good time.

On behalf of the Entire Misfit Toys Island Ferris Smurf wants to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with Hope!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

The Misfits want to wish you all a wonderful and happy Friday!!!!

Then The Snows Came…

The Roomie was having a helava couple of days.  First there was a Covid Scare.  All Negative, thank you! 

Then the Snows came.  Well, snow, freezing rain, a frozen mush from the sky.  Not so much fun there.

It was beautiful and pretty.  But it was also very wet, slushy and dangerous.  Also very heavy to lift! 

The Roomie had the day off to dig out which was amazing.  Because lifting that heavy stuff kind of stunk. 

Gritty, who is from the Planet Philly Dilly, loved it all.  He’s very weird like that, lol.  We all liked the first official snow (we’ve had squalls).  Since we received only about 12 inches of snow all last winter, getting it all at once was okay.  Not looking for too much more but we are sure Mother Nature has the only say, lol.

Keep warm peeps!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though Covid is raging across America we on the Island of Misfit Toys are going to keep our gathering to our Home.  We all want everyone to be safe and Happy this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the Holiday!!

Welcome Mr. Billy Butcherson!

The Halloweenies are stoke to have Billy Butcherson on their team this year!

So of course our first adventure with Billy was to the Happy Place!  To the Gardens we go!

All About The Clouds

The Roomie has been into cloud watching recently.  We really aren’t sure why this is now a thing for her, lol.

Signe thinks they are neat too.  She wishes it was colder and snowy but other than that the clouds are cool.  Since Homie used to live outside in a garden in bad weather and all he’s just into looking at them and then sleeping in a nice comfy bed at night out of the elements.

Gordo’s favorite…definitely the storm clouds.  We’ve had quite a few of these lately.  Hurricane Laura brought us clouds and rain over a couple of days.  Any way you look at it, the clouds are like sky art 🙂

The Devil’s Perfect Summer Day

No, not that Devil silly!  Dare Devil got out today because it was a perfect summer day.  Blue skies, low humidity, a beautiful breeze and only 80 degrees!

We went to the farm near us and just did some meditating in a meadow of chicory.

They were working hard mowing the meadows for feed.  DD and The Roomie just enjoyed the beauty of it all.

Peter’s Friends

The Roomie loves this movie.  We just love the photo shoots, lol.

And just like that we felt like one of Peter’s Friends, lol.

A Day At The Happy Place

A Day at the Arboretum.  Well not so much a day as 25 minutes over lunchtime, lol.

What’s not to like…water features and trains 🙂

Pookie Noodlin had fun in the sun.  It was hot and The Roomie had trouble with the new walking trails since everything has a specific direction and she has walking issues.  But she made it and we loved it!

Summer Is…Hot

The Roomie is convinced that the people who actually like Summer all live near the ocean, lol.

Sunny, hot and very humid.  It’s too hot though.

Weather Dudes are calling for scattered thunder storms with the potential for heavy rains.  Well isn’t that fun.  Keep dry peoples!

The Dark Lord…

The Dark Lord 45 now wants to be called the Supreme Leader.  He heard it in that movie and loved the sound of it.  We all rolled our eyes at him.

He is just angry he can’t play golf today.  Honestly, it’s the only thing he does well.

This is Caleb yesterday morning.

This is Caleb just a few moments ago.

The theme is rain, followed by more rain.  It’s good for the Garden but The Roomie says it just makes summer steamier, lol.