A Little Cool Down with a Side of Rain

Thank goodness we got a little break from the heatwave.  Today’s highs are in the upper 70’s and it’s raining.  The Roomie is thrilled with the rain for her garden.


Miranda…It’s Not Autumn Yet

It’s been so hot lately that everyone is longing for cooler Autumnal Temperatures.  Miranda decided instead of Christmas in July it would be Halloween in July.  The Roomie tried to explain it to her but she is an elephant who beats to her own drum, lol.

We Are Still Trying To Get The Band Together

Still no name for out band.  Still nor real actual band, lol.

We’ve had some positive interest from the roommates but that’s about it.

We wanted to call ourselves the Misfits but apparently someone else stole that name by having it already, lol.  Back o the drawing board!

Science Is Cool

Americans use Science all of the time.  Even those weird folks who think Science is a hoax or something that Satan cooked up.

Richie the V has been watching Forensic Files and is digging how many scumbags go to prison because of science.  Yeah Science!   Boo for scumbag murderers!