Hubert Was Lost

But it’s okay because we found him.  He arrived in December but then decided to hide from us all.

He loves SnapChat.  Ellie introduced him to the app.  It’s been his obsession!

We had a rainstorm the other day and we got to see this beautiful rainbow!  It made us think of Corin…you ’cause he’s a leprechaun, lol.

We had no doubt that Chipper loved rainstorms.  Gnomes are odd little creatures!

I think he and Mr. Nigel Murray are just thrilled it is Spring!


Listening To The Beatles

We like to listen to all kinds of music.  Right now Mr. Nigel Murray is loving the Beatles.  Bjorn is more into the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.  The Roomie…well she loves the Moana soundtrack.  We think she just loves to sing “I AM MOANA” really loudly.

What can I say…we love to have fun no matter what shape it takes!


The Playoffs

The Flyers (Hockey) and the Sixers (Basketball) are in the playoffs.  We had a big Super Bowl Victory with the Eagles (Football) so the town is a buzz.  So are we.

Totally stoked for Philly Sports tonight.  The Roomie isn’t allowed to watch because she’s a jinx, lol.

Torrential Rains

Yesterday was crazy wet.  We drove by the local golf course and it was completely under water!  OMG!

All of the streams and creeks were flooding thus closing down a lot of the roadways.

Chipper did not care one less.  He loves any adventure, even the ones with rain and snow, lol.

We cut through the State Park to get to work and we encountered this sign.  It was okay because we weren’t going down this road…thank goodness!

This is the Crick.  Most people call it the Creek but in Philly we aren’t like most people.  It flooded so much that it took over the picnic area.  Wow!

We survived and the flooding receded.  All’s well that ends well 🙂

SPRING – The Arboretum

The Flowers are popping up all around town.  We wanted to see some Dog Woods and the Cherry Tree Festival is this weekend!

A good day for all!

SPRING – The Bird Watching

The Roomie loves to bird watch in April because of the migration factor.  We like to get outside.  It’s Win-Win!

It was a wonderful cloudy day.  It’s still cold outside but we all feel like the warmer days are coming soon!

How Did You Celebrate Rex Manning Day?

We had an amazing Rex Manning Day.  Well, Bjorn took a nap and Ingrid vacuumed the cave.  So WOW it was Amazing!!

Let’s Go Flyers!  Playoff bound!  This has been an exciting sports year for the Roomie’s home teams 🙂