So Old Friends Say Goodbye

Some old friends or enemies come to say goodbye to The Dark Lord 45.


I tried to help him but you know how DL is, difficult.

Sometimes it’s just best to walk away and not deal with difficult people.

Bern doesn’t work like that.  “Get out…You’re FIRED!”.  Bern said that felt really good saying that!

Every Vote Counts…Or Not

So the Dark Lord 45 has decided that he wants a recount.  Wait…I think I’ve seen this movie….Randolph, Mortimer Duke is that you?

Every vote counts…unless they are for the other guy then I think we should just uncount them, right?

Ruthie tried to explain it to the Dark Lord 45 but he only hears blah, blah, blah…I’m the winner!

Shark Week Fun

We had some fun doing a photo shoot for Shark Week.


(The Dark Lord)

(Boone and Mr. Nigel Murray)

We just like to goof around sometimes and since going out on adventures is kind of curtailed this is what we do now, lol.

The Dark Lord…

The Dark Lord 45 now wants to be called the Supreme Leader.  He heard it in that movie and loved the sound of it.  We all rolled our eyes at him.

He is just angry he can’t play golf today.  Honestly, it’s the only thing he does well.

This is Caleb yesterday morning.

This is Caleb just a few moments ago.

The theme is rain, followed by more rain.  It’s good for the Garden but The Roomie says it just makes summer steamier, lol.

But You Make Me Drink Because You Suck

Bratty hates the Dark Lord with a passion.  He’s been on a bender since the loser became President.

It’s okay Bratty…hopefully the Women will rise up and squash the Dark Lord like the little Biyatch he is in 2020.

The Amalgam hates you too Dark Load…um lord…ha ha ha…get it…because he’s a load.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays always get The Dark Lord down especially when his favorite amalgam just won’t go away.

Yup…she’s like his shadow friend these days.  Fun for HRC not so fun for The Dark Lord.

To make matters worse The Dark Lord’s Propaganda Machine is being mean to him.  It’s okay he’s handling it like he handles everything.  He cries and pees his pants.

Tom Ato thinks there is a resemblance between Pennywise and The Dark Lord.  It makes sense he thinks that, lol.

Happy President’s Day

The Dark Lord 45 is too busy golfing and managing his fake National Emergency.  So screw all President’s who aren’t him because he’s the greatest of all time.  All the polls show that fake news.

In his mind, but the reality is 44 is the coolest modern President!  Boom!

Happy President’s Day.  No mail today!