Paging The Donner Party

We’ve had some snow of late.  Eddie wrote some dark prose about it and we were all…DUDE!

Oh Snow..You are both Beautiful and a stinking cold wench!

I love snow…but then again I’m a northern Troll so yeah…its all about the snow and the forest for me.

I think Jimmy was having visions of the Donner party.  At least that’s all he kept talking about.


Hey Jimmy...where did that Zombie come from? He kind of looks hungry.

Thanks for saving us from the Hungry Zombie but seriously...what the heck are you?

Jimmy: Ah the strong silent type. - Eddie: suck Jimmy.

Then Kick showed up and she got the show on the road.  It was a nice day for me but I think the Donner Party was preferring the hot chocolate back home.

A Night On The Town

A Couple of us went out to dinner the other night with the Roomie, Bean, George Clooney and his friend Jack to the Iron Hill Brewery.  It was nice.  We had 7:30pm reservations and it was the first time I ever remember not waiting one second to be seated.  Any other place I’ve had reservations I still had to wait.  It was pretty stinking awesome!  The food was quite tasty.  It was a good evening out.

Sister Mary Kickurass (we call her Kick) was funny in her picture because the Lord apparently is with her and makes her glow like a nuclear reactor, lol.

I love Hogsmead…um…The Hill so I had some snaps of me just you know…enjoying the sights…Hey…Look a cake…

Funny thing is its not my birthday.  Maybe it’s the lady over there’s birthday.

Kick is just showing off now.  Here she is glowing with the Holy Spirit.  I personally think she’s glowing from all that beer she drank!!

All in all a great evening with friends and radiating roommates.

Tis The Season…Trolls and Trains and Christmas

I went out with the Roomie and Bean this weekend to the Arboretum for some good old fashion Christmas Trains!  The Roomie loves trains and come to think of it so do I!

There is something about Trains that makes Christmas more Christmasy…if that’s possible.

We walked along the paths and enjoyed a beautiful autumn day.

It reminds me of the woods where I grew up.  It was a great time.  It’s always a great time when it is sunny, warmer and I’m outside 😉

Alistair Enjoys Autumn

What with Bjorn on a walk about with Scrappy we’ve all decided to press on without him.  I’ve gone on a walkabout myself….with the Roomie and a camera, lol.

I love this time of year.  I’m an American Troll and of course I favor the American Forest most.  In fact, I used to live not far from here.


The color around town is amazing….and windy 🙂

It’s hard to believe the “peak” leaf season is almost over and Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.  I’m just going to sit in the woods for a while and remember my youth!

Bjorn’s Semi-Retirement

I know some are wondering what has happened to our World Traveler Bjorn Maelstrom.  He’s still around.  He’s out having lunch..

We went the local park for some sandwiches and peace and quiet…it was really nice.

Bjorn has been taking some time off since he broke his arms, lost his tail and fractured his nose.

It’s not easy being a world traveler.  The accommodations are a little less than comfy.

There’s a lot of wear-and-tear on this old Troll.  So I’m going to take over most of the traveling for the time being.  Don’t be surprised if you see some of old faces and some new faces guest blogging for your favorite Troll.  In the mean time Bjorn is going surfing and sun bathing for the summer.

Nothing can keep this Troll down 🙂

Rainy Days and Mondays…No Really

It’s raining today which is a really good thing.  It was so unseasonably warm this weekend that the pollen count was wicked high.  This of course means nothing to me since I lived in the forest for like 299 years.  Pollen, smollen…I’m good.  The Roomie…not so much.  She whined when she walked the dogs and she whined when she went to the store.  Frankly, I found her extremely annoying all weekend and if my legs were long enough I would have driven off to some adventure without the turkey!  But they aren’t and well, that sucks!

I watched Super Hero movies with Alistair while the Roomie took something called Benadryl.  Some how Alistair got it into his mind that Superman needed a sidekick.  Super Troll?  Yeah that so has a ring to it (insert eye roll here).

Super Troll?

Any way most of the weekend was kind of quiet.  I think I might play in the puddles later…care to join me?

Alistair Has Something To Say!

I’m not sure how much longer Bjorn’s going to let me blog.  I’m taking the opportunity to post before he kicks me off.  That said…Please enjoy my pictorial homage to the fact the Mets Suck (They are playing the Phighting Phillies this weekend).

And the Phillies Rock!!!

Well All…I hope that you enjoy your weekend as I am sure too!  Ta!