A Day In The Garden

People know that Gnomes love gardens because we like…live in them but this Garden is AMAZING!


Mr. Nigel Murray enjoys outings like this one.  And Homie…well he is an adventurer at heart.  It was all of those years living deep in the garden.

Elsa just loves to take SnapChats so this was a great place to take those pictures and share them with her adoring public….and friends.  Elsa has two friends, lol.


Bjorn’s Semi-Retirement

I know some are wondering what has happened to our World Traveler Bjorn Maelstrom.  He’s still around.  He’s out having lunch..

We went the local park for some sandwiches and peace and quiet…it was really nice.

Bjorn has been taking some time off since he broke his arms, lost his tail and fractured his nose.

It’s not easy being a world traveler.  The accommodations are a little less than comfy.

There’s a lot of wear-and-tear on this old Troll.  So I’m going to take over most of the traveling for the time being.  Don’t be surprised if you see some of old faces and some new faces guest blogging for your favorite Troll.  In the mean time Bjorn is going surfing and sun bathing for the summer.

Nothing can keep this Troll down 🙂

Let’s Go Flyers!

The Philadelphia Flyers win a big game y’all!  We now go on to game 7 in Boston and I’m all in!!!  I can’t believe I just found out about this Hockey sport (Thank you Tuna!).  My Roomie has been holding out on me.  I figure if I HAVE TO watch that show Dancing with Stars I should be able to watch Hockey…is that too much to ask?  Oh and she didn’t even tell me last night that she got cheese curls when she went shopping this week!  WTH!!!!  That’s just wrong people…so very wrong!

Let's Go Flyers!!!

Tomorrow in Boston…let’s rock that house yo’s!!!