Ground Hog Day

Yes I know we are a day early but we are going to be very busy tomorrow.

Regardless of IF Puxatawney Phil sees his shadow or not…there really is six more weeks of winter!

Stupid rodent!  Okay it’s not his fault we put so superstitious pressure on the Groundhog.  People are weird like that!


Oh Hey…It’s Raining…AGAIN!

So we had one day rain free in the last 10 days.  The Roomie said she doesn’t want to hear the word drought anytime this summer, lol.

We are ready for some not so humid and wet weather.   Personally, Gnomes and Trolls really don’t mind the rain 🙂

The Maelstrom’s On Vacation

It’s not a regular time when a bunch of the Maelstrom’s are in town for a group vacation.  This year we lucked out.

IMG_1344 (400x300)
A Family Portrait at the Beach (Boone, Ingrid, Bjorn, Arvid and Nils).

IMG_1522 (400x300)

The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing.  Being Nordic we tend to like the weather colder but even the heat of the summer could dampen our fun.

IMG_1474 (400x300)

Nils was all over the place.  This was his first trip to a beach ever.  He doesn’t speak much English but he was having a blast!

IMG_1472 (400x300) IMG_1470 (400x300) IMG_1481 (400x300)

We are a fun bunch that much is true about the Maelstroms!!

SAM_4079 (400x300)

Ingrid did a lot of sightseeing on her own.  She loves all the tourist things like Museums and such.  Here she is at the Cape May Firehouse Museum.

SAM_4035 (400x300)

She also made it to the Aviation Museum.  She said we missed a great time.  You can get in the vehicles and play with the equipment.  I definitely need to visit this one!  I love touching stuff!

Happy President’s Day

The gang hung out with some of the Former President’s to celebrate their day!

IMG_8445 (400x300)

Jimmy and Eddie took the day to take some pictures and chat with the Old Dudes.

IMG_8440 (400x300)

Jimmy wasn’t clear as to why there isn’t a Famous Writer’s Day.  Eddie just rolled his eyes.

IMG_8446 (400x300)

OMG…is that a smile on Eddie’s face?  It’s probably going to snow!

IMG_8464 (400x300)

I think Eddie jinxed us, lol.  Bjorn is back on the beat these days.

IMG_8457 (400x300)

He’s looking rested these days.  Me and Thad hung out with Bjorn and his brother Boone yesterday.  It was a good time but we had a bit of Olympics rivalry going.

IMG_8449 (300x400)

Bjorn and Boone pulled out their colors so we did too.  Since Norway lost to Great Britain in Men’s Curling yesterday I thought I’d be nice to the poor guy.  He takes his Curling seriously!

IMG_8447 (300x400)

We may be American Elves but in the end our hearts belong to Canada’s Women’s Curling team.  WE LOVE YOU JENNIFER!!!

More Autumn Glory!

We got to walk in the woods.  Bjorn’s little brother came with us.  Boone is an odd duck so he fits in well with the rest of us 🙂

IMG_3529 (400x300)

We decided today would be a nice day to take lunch outside.

IMG_3490 (400x300)

It was beautiful and about 62 degrees.  I wish everyday was this beautiful.

IMG_3519 (400x300)

Whit was all for a hike.  I reminded him that Fairies don’t walk…they use magic to get around.  Boone was all about walking around…being Norwegian he’s quite adapt to outside frolicking.

IMG_3497 (400x300)

He is certainly the happiest Troll I’ve ever come across.  What a funny one.

IMG_3483 (400x300)

We came across some milkweed pods so The Roomie wanted to take some pictures.  She’s as odd as Boone, lol.  It was a beautiful time today but all too short.  I can’t wait to do it again…soon!