Chet…He’s everywhere

Hi Chet…what are you doing creepily looking in the window at Harry and Meghan?


A Bunch of Us Went To the Shore

A whole bunch of us crashed the Roomie’s vacation.  It was great!  Sorry, not Sorry!

The Hatter


Thomas Snags


Moana, Maui and Family

Land Shark Chet

Mitch and CJ

It was a really fun week!

Land Shark Entertainment

Land Shark In Space.  Better than Sharknado 20, lol.

Land Shark Photobomb!

Land Shark in Politics.  Can you see me?


Shark Week

So we love a good episode on Shark Week.  And thanks to Snap Chat we get to be sharks…Well except for Chet…he’s a Land Shark all of the time.

TJ and Tourist Dave rocking the Shark!

Discovery’s Shark Week is like Chet’s Christmas Morning!