Christmas Party Funko Style

Eddie’s not sure what’s up with Marv, lol.

Bean is Rocking it though!

Only 11 days to go!


Who Doesn’t Like Willy Wonka?

Mikey said he had never seen the classic Willy Wonka.  The Roomie was all…what?!?  She made us watch it.

Ed was all…I’m not putting pants on for this….

Mikey loved when Violet turned Violet!

No Pants News

So I’m just hanging out having a beer and smoking my cigars and wham…accidental car fire.

That guy over there yelled at me to put some pants on.  Seriously?

Dude there is an emergency happening right now.  I’m just here to report it.

You don’t need pants to report the news.  Just interest in it.  Also, I’m glad there is a bar next door.  Have a good weekend you filthy animals!