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Then The Snows Came…

The Roomie was having a helava couple of days.  First there was a Covid Scare.  All Negative, thank you! 

Then the Snows came.  Well, snow, freezing rain, a frozen mush from the sky.  Not so much fun there.

It was beautiful and pretty.  But it was also very wet, slushy and dangerous.  Also very heavy to lift! 

The Roomie had the day off to dig out which was amazing.  Because lifting that heavy stuff kind of stunk. 

Gritty, who is from the Planet Philly Dilly, loved it all.  He’s very weird like that, lol.  We all liked the first official snow (we’ve had squalls).  Since we received only about 12 inches of snow all last winter, getting it all at once was okay.  Not looking for too much more but we are sure Mother Nature has the only say, lol.

Keep warm peeps!

Message For The New Year!

Of course as an author I want you to read more but so does JVN…specifically his book, lol.  The Roomie got the message and is currently half way through it.

The Hours

As we all wait on the New Year, we have decided to read more this coming year.  Eddie and Jimmy are thinking, The Roomie needs to read some Virginia Woolf.  This is a marvelous idea.

She was a tortured soul, just like Eddie.  Virginia, in the end we love the prose you left behind.

The Underminer Is Grouchy

The Underminer woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Jimmy get down from there!

Can’t he’s got quite a grip.  Can you get me a latte while I wait for him to calm down?

Only Jimmy folks!

Feeling the Autumn Vibes

It’s still a little warm outside for Autumn but at least it’s not in the 90’s anymore.

The leaves are beginning to fall.  We were all having a fun lunchtime period.

We hope it gets colder soon.  Like I said, it’s not too bad but I would like it to be in the 50’s and 60’s.  I’m dead so I like it cold, lol.

3 Writers and a Painter

Sometimes Art is Outside.

Sometimes Art is Inside.

And sometimes Art is just SnapChat, lol.

Art is love!

The Poets Do Nothing

When we do nothing it’s very artistically done.

Jimmy and Eddie finally attended a Laugh-In.  Jimmy didn’t get it but was digging the music and people.

In Honor of Dear Shelly

It’s kind of weird that the show is ending and then so did Shelly, js.

Goodbye dear friend.

Winter Storm Quiana

Winter Storm Quiana dropped about 3″ on our part of town.

It was really pretty and a feathery type of snow.  Easy to shovel.

We watched The Roomies shovel.  We didn’t help…just watched, lol.

When you are only 2″ tall the 3″ of snow can be a little dice.  Eddie said he was too cold for this fracking stuff.

The only one really prepared for the snow was RBG.  It’s because she’s super brilliant.

Ground Hog Day

Yes I know we are a day early but we are going to be very busy tomorrow.

Regardless of IF Puxatawney Phil sees his shadow or not…there really is six more weeks of winter!

Stupid rodent!  Okay it’s not his fault we put so superstitious pressure on the Groundhog.  People are weird like that!