Famous Family

I’m so proud of my Great-Great Grandfather who was created in 1823.  He became a very famous fellow from a book that was supposedly based on his life.  Really it’s just a work of fiction.  He never murdered anyone.  Later on My Grandfather played him in the movie version of this work of fiction.  It made him a huge star.

I’m proud of my families accomplishments.  What have I done in my life time?  I’m a free thinker, traveler and just try to be the nicest version of myself I can be.  Really, it’s a that matters 🙂



The best part of the day is hanging out with your best pals.

I was bored at lunchtime so I decided to read some Wikipedia facts and have a tasty snack.

Ending the day with good movie.  Yes, I’m watching Legally Blonde.  Stop judging already!

Yeah, it’s sad in the beginning but Spoiler Alert…All works out for Elle 🙂

Frankie Was Bored

It’s been boring being cooped up recently.  If the weather isn’t just plain awful then The Roomie is battling her arch nemesis RA.  Frankie grabbed her phone and SnapChatted his boredom away, lol.

Frankie also enjoyed some tasty Jello.  He didn’t share with anyone.  Since he’s been dead and re-animated he’s lost all of his manners so we let it slide…for now.

Jeff the Clone is amazed how tall Frankie is compared to everyone else in the house.  It loves it!

These two maroons mugging it up for the camera.  Frankie keeps everyone in stitches.  He literally has his own stitches, HA HA HA.

Really Now…I Think I’ve Heard That One

Frankenstein, a Zombie and a Nun walk into a Bar….

Frankenstein, a Zombie and a Nun walk into an office...


A Nun and Batman are waiting for a bus…

You don't say...

Does anyone know why I'm listening to the Penguin tell me a joke?