Call Noah…It’s Been Raining…A LOT!

It’s been raining for the past two days and it’s looking not to stop anytime soon.  Well okay, if you get technical, they call for Sunday to be the last day.  Sure…take the drama out of my post!   Just kidding.

Not to worry, the Gnomes are a hearty breed.  The Roomie is too.  She likes the rain better than the sunshine.  Bjorn says it’s because she prefers to be pasty not rosy.

Anyway, Caleb, Hubert, Chipper and me went to the forest for a little communing with nature.  I got to do some bird watching while the others played in the stream.

It was a perfect afternoon of getting rained on, beautiful flora and fauna and just being outside 🙂


Reading Is Fundamental

Even Gnomes understand the importance of reading.

Chipper is a big reader.  Loves Stephen King and books with weird cover art.

Hubert said he likes hanging out with Chipper because he likes to read.

They like to hang out in the garden and lay about with a good book.  Gnomes are cool like that!

Hubert Was Lost

But it’s okay because we found him.  He arrived in December but then decided to hide from us all.

He loves SnapChat.  Ellie introduced him to the app.  It’s been his obsession!

We had a rainstorm the other day and we got to see this beautiful rainbow!  It made us think of Corin…you ’cause he’s a leprechaun, lol.

We had no doubt that Chipper loved rainstorms.  Gnomes are odd little creatures!

I think he and Mr. Nigel Murray are just thrilled it is Spring!