Leaders of the Movement

We’ve been wearing masks before it was required for daily living.

It’s part of our trade.  Sure we look cool and all but now it’s important to wear masks when in the public forum.  Be like us.  Be cool, be safe!

Yes, we are now paid in toilet paper for our super hero status, lol.

Faced With the Franchise

Sometimes things get awkward.  Like today…

I’m so much cooler than Christian Bale, just saying!

I know what you mean GB.  Look at this guy?

He’s just modeling.  I’m living the dream not modeling it!

I don’t know why those two have their panties in a bunch.  Dude look how awesome we both are!  Pure genius is all I’m say, HA HA HA!


The best part of the day is hanging out with your best pals.

I was bored at lunchtime so I decided to read some Wikipedia facts and have a tasty snack.

Ending the day with good movie.  Yes, I’m watching Legally Blonde.  Stop judging already!

Yeah, it’s sad in the beginning but Spoiler Alert…All works out for Elle 🙂