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Visiting History

This weekend Hope Lodge had their Charter Day Open House.  This was so much fun.  The Roomie takes us out to local Historical places if they are holding an event of some kind.

Mick likes to visit places beyond the Magic Kingdom.  So much to see in the world.  Hope Lodge gives a glimpse into the 18th Century.

Michael was in full regalia and making History come alive for the visitors with his Musket display.  We learned so many interesting facts about the Revolutionary War.   Combat and life wasn’t what we had expected.

It was a very cold day but so worth getting out and getting our knowledge on!  Mick told the Roomie he wants to see more.  Hopefully we have some cool adventures coming up.

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It’s Not Raining…Right Now

OMG…such storms last night.  Kept us all awake.  More storms scheduled for later today.  The Roomie said we should sneak outside while we had the opportunity.  It was a great time.

IMG_0964 (400x300)

She likes to bird watch at this little birdwatching area near us.  She says that April is the best time to watch the birds.

IMG_0967 (400x300)

We saw some great looking birds.

IMG_0957 (400x300)

Sometimes I forget the cool things in the woods.

IMG_0952 (400x300)

She was correct that today was a great day for it.  It’s still cool and windy but at least the sun was out.

IMG_0950 (400x300)

We know the rains are coming back soon.  You know, “April Showers bring May Flowers” thing.  But this little escape was just what we all needed.  Hope you got to go outside today too 🙂

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April Showers Brings…Flooding

Early this morning we were all awoken by the sound of a torrential downpour of rain.  It was still dark and very miserable outside.  All a part of Spring.

IMG_0924 (400x300)

This afternoon Mick and I went down the Crick to see what it looked like all swollen.

IMG_0937 (400x300)

Yes it is weird to say Crick when it is a Creek but when in Roman…yada, yada, yada.

IMG_0935 (400x300)

It finally stopped raining and the “CRICK” looked kind of cool.  It also made me glad that I gave up living in the Forest.  It’s wet and mossy here.

IMG_0938 (400x300)

The trees are starting to bloom which is a good sign that Shady Days are coming closer and closer.

IMG_0928 (400x300)

The Roomie loves the rain.  Probably because she’s never had to live outside after a rain.  It’s damp.  ‘Nuff said!

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It’s Spring….ish

We got outside today.  Sunny and about 65 degrees.  It was a nice break from the rain.

IMG_0882 (400x300)

Even Mick got out for some fresh air.

IMG_0883 (400x300)

Ingrid was so happy.  She’s been semi-hibernating all winter.  Too cold for her.

IMG_0895 (400x300)

IMG_0910 (400x300)

A wonderful day at the Arboretum.  It was a really quick trip but we are all hoping to get some forest time in this weekend.

IMG_0899 (400x300)
IMG_0897 (300x400)
IMG_0912 (400x300)

No lie…it was an awesome day!

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Bjorn and Friends – Vacation – Part II – The Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse is very cool.  Well lets face it most lighthouses are cool…especially haunted ones.  But that’s more a topic for Halloween.  Any way,  We all took a trip to the Cape May Lighthouse and thanks to the Roomie walking up 199 steps we got to see the incredible views.

Chris wasn’t in these pictures because she was in line for a snow cone at the food truck….sheesh!

Dude it’s high up here!

A Lighthouse with a view.

The Roomie was hot and exhausted but honestly I was okay with her carrying us up the 199 steps.  We felt great when we got to the top…HA HA HA!

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Bjorn and Friends on Vacation – Part I

We were on vacation this past week.  And by we I mean the Roomie, Bean, Hazel, Mick, Chris and myself.  You didn’t think I was going to miss vacation did ya?  Seriously, if anyone needs a vacation it’s the guy with the fractured nose, lol.

Bjorn and the Sunken ShipEveryone wanted their picture taken.  Here were are at the S.S. Atlantus at Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey.

Down the street from Sunset Beach is the World War II Lookout Tower.  It was very cool.  The tour guides were Seniors who had served or lived during WWII and were from the area.

There were about 150 Steps which was no problem because the Roomie walked them and we got a ride with her.  Sucker!

This site has a lot of History.  During the war it was a lookout point for German U-Boats.  They even captured one-off the coast.  It hosts memorials to the soldiers who survived and those who didn’t come home at all.  It’s quite moving.

I’m glad that we had the opportunity to see this memorial to WWII.  Check it out if you get a chance.

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Bjorn’s Semi-Retirement

I know some are wondering what has happened to our World Traveler Bjorn Maelstrom.  He’s still around.  He’s out having lunch..

We went the local park for some sandwiches and peace and quiet…it was really nice.

Bjorn has been taking some time off since he broke his arms, lost his tail and fractured his nose.

It’s not easy being a world traveler.  The accommodations are a little less than comfy.

There’s a lot of wear-and-tear on this old Troll.  So I’m going to take over most of the traveling for the time being.  Don’t be surprised if you see some of old faces and some new faces guest blogging for your favorite Troll.  In the mean time Bjorn is going surfing and sun bathing for the summer.

Nothing can keep this Troll down 🙂

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Hey Look Snow…again!

Mick and I were on our way out to work this morning and yes it was again snowing in Pennsylvania!  So far to date we’ve had 73.1″  and that is not including the supposed 6-12″ we will receive today thru tomorrow.  It’s all good except I had left my scarf in the car so when I went outside it was a little colder than I expected.  Being that I’m Norwegian I can handle it a lot better than Mick can, you know since he grew up in Florida. 

It makes me think back to our trip to Orlando last year.  It was sweet.  I had so much fun going back to Epcot to see my old pals and just ride Space Mountain again.  Pretty Cool.  Mick is more a water parks kind of guy but you know I think there is nothing better than Soarin’.  Flying high over California, smelling the pines and the fruit trees, is just, well, WOW!  It’s J’s favorite place on earth to visit so we kind of go there a lot.

I liked my trip in 2008 when I went with other friends to Utah, Colorado and Nevada.  It was very colorful and did you know in one of the hotels there has a Krispy Kreme machine in the hotel.  Seriously….how awesome is that!?!  Yeah, wicked awesome!

What can I say every day is an adventure when you are a Norwegian Troll 😉

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Just a little Taste of the Past

This is me at Disney World’s Epcot Norway!

Hi my name is Bjorn.  I’ve been traveling with my friends since we first met in 2004 and six years later we are still traveling.  We’ve even added a new mate along the road.  His name is Mick Mouse and he came to our group in 2009 during another wonderful visit to the most magical place on earth…Disney World!  Which is totally cool because that’s were my adventure began too.  I used to live on a shelf in Epcot’s Norway until my friends took me with them.  The rest is just one big ball of fun.

In 2009,  I suffered two broken arms and although I still travel it’s a bit harder to get around town so sometimes I sit out the adventure.  That’s were Mick comes in because he’s a much more hearty fellow so I’ll take my place when the travels look a bit to rugged.

Come on and join us on our crazy adventures!