Beautiful Sunset

This time of year we get to enjoy the sunsets a bit better in the neighborhood.

In the summer, the only time The Roomie really gets to enjoy them is when she’s in the Crest.  That’s why these make us all very happy.  Sure it gets dark earlier but the trade off is okay with us 🙂


Mr. Nigel Murray Is Going To Be Okay

So Mr. Nigel Murray like so many of our gentle friends has suffered a terrible accident.

His ear broke off.

But not to fear Mr. Nigel Murray is on the mend and feeling much better.  Although, We aren’t sure his hearing is back.  He keeps saying…what?  lol.

A Day In The Garden

People know that Gnomes love gardens because we like…live in them but this Garden is AMAZING!


Mr. Nigel Murray enjoys outings like this one.  And Homie…well he is an adventurer at heart.  It was all of those years living deep in the garden.

Elsa just loves to take SnapChats so this was a great place to take those pictures and share them with her adoring public….and friends.  Elsa has two friends, lol.


Hubert Was Lost

But it’s okay because we found him.  He arrived in December but then decided to hide from us all.

He loves SnapChat.  Ellie introduced him to the app.  It’s been his obsession!

We had a rainstorm the other day and we got to see this beautiful rainbow!  It made us think of Corin…you ’cause he’s a leprechaun, lol.

We had no doubt that Chipper loved rainstorms.  Gnomes are odd little creatures!

I think he and Mr. Nigel Murray are just thrilled it is Spring!

Listening To The Beatles

We like to listen to all kinds of music.  Right now Mr. Nigel Murray is loving the Beatles.  Bjorn is more into the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.  The Roomie…well she loves the Moana soundtrack.  We think she just loves to sing “I AM MOANA” really loudly.

What can I say…we love to have fun no matter what shape it takes!


The Playoffs

The Flyers (Hockey) and the Sixers (Basketball) are in the playoffs.  We had a big Super Bowl Victory with the Eagles (Football) so the town is a buzz.  So are we.

Totally stoked for Philly Sports tonight.  The Roomie isn’t allowed to watch because she’s a jinx, lol.

Winter Storms Polly and Quinn – Snomaggedon

Let’s all take time to welcome our new Lithuanian Troll Elsa.  Ellie is fun and wild and awesome all at once!  The Roomie was completely out of control with Ellie!

Winter Storm Polly knocked us for a loop on Friday!  It was just crazy cold, windy, rainy and snowy.  Too much weather all at once.

Mr. Nigel Murray said his cousins emailed him from the UK and they also have been having nasty weather.  Chipper just was looking for an adventure!

Bjorn told him the adventure was he could shovel out the Roomie’s car.  Yeah…he stopped smiling, lol.

He got some chopped wood from what appears to be from his cousin David’s Lumber company.  Well we are all preparing for round two with Winter Storm Quinn.  Wish us luck.