Storms and Stay At Home

Well we’ve been lifted from the Red Zone to the Yellow stone and the Shelter-in-place has been lifted as well.  Signe was not ready to give up her binge watching though, lol.

She’s a fan of true crime.  Who knew?

We had some nasty storms blow through our area last week.  Pookie Noodlin was definitely not a fan.  There were trees down all over town and power was lost for thousands 😦

Not fun.  This happened for three days in a row.  Some of the storms weren’t as bad as others but we’ve all decided that should be it for the wild storms because that was not fun!

2 More Days Til Christmas

We will be super busy the next two days so we wanted to wish everyone an early Happy Christmas!

The group of Misfit Toys are super excited this year and are really for the festivities to begin!

Pookie Noodlin is almost finished reading A Christmas Carol.

Miranda is singing the Carols.

To all of you from all of us…Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Shopping Continues…

…in the rain.

All Jangles wanted to do was decorate the playground to add some Christmas Cheer to the locals.  But it rained, then rained again and then rained some more.

Pookie and Howie are so pumped up for the whole Christmas season.

Time seems to be at full throttle towards Christmas Day.  We all have so much left to do before then.  Wish us luck!

A Crisp Autumn Day

Pookie Noodlin is so enjoying the cooler temps.  But alas, we will go from Autumnish to Winter in a blink.  A polar vortex is approaching our region.

Pablo says boo-hiss to the massive traffic messes in our area.  It seems that the township thought it best to hire a total FNG to do a major road project so instead of taking 6 weeks we are now into 8 weeks with no end in sight 😦  The Roomie gives it a boo-hiss too.


We Celebrate The Eagles Victory

The Roomie only stayed awake for the first quarter of the Eagles vs. Packers game.  We enjoyed the rest.  It was almost a loss but at the buzzer the Eagles held their lead 34/27.

Little Frankie approved!

Fear was scared through the entire game.  He almost lost his taco chips, lol.

Pookie Noodlin is chill and just ready for the weekend.  Smile Pookie the Eagles have 10 days off.  She said, quiet I’m eating my donut.  So she is excited football has begun 🙂