Every Vote Counts…Or Not

So the Dark Lord 45 has decided that he wants a recount.  Wait…I think I’ve seen this movie….Randolph, Mortimer Duke is that you?

Every vote counts…unless they are for the other guy then I think we should just uncount them, right?

Ruthie tried to explain it to the Dark Lord 45 but he only hears blah, blah, blah…I’m the winner!

Enjoying A Safe 4th of July

Now that Covid-19 is ravaging the countryside we experience most of our adventures at home or around the homestead.  This Fourth of July is no different.  The Roomie BBQ’d and we hung out in our yard.

We love it out back.  It keeps The Roomies safe and we get to have fun in the sun.  This time with more bacon, lol.

No fireworks here either.  The Roomie doesn’t get why explosions are festive.  They are just basically loud.  We all hope you had a safe 4th!


The best part of the day is hanging out with your best pals.

I was bored at lunchtime so I decided to read some Wikipedia facts and have a tasty snack.

Ending the day with good movie.  Yes, I’m watching Legally Blonde.  Stop judging already!

Yeah, it’s sad in the beginning but Spoiler Alert…All works out for Elle 🙂

Winter Storm Quiana

Winter Storm Quiana dropped about 3″ on our part of town.

It was really pretty and a feathery type of snow.  Easy to shovel.

We watched The Roomies shovel.  We didn’t help…just watched, lol.

When you are only 2″ tall the 3″ of snow can be a little dice.  Eddie said he was too cold for this fracking stuff.

The only one really prepared for the snow was RBG.  It’s because she’s super brilliant.

To The Shore!

We all piled into the Family Truckster for a trip to the Jersey Shore.

The Roomies got a house for vacation.  It’s by the bay, WAHOO!!!

It was so cold on the beach.  This is as close as we got because of the cold, rain and wind, lol.

We also went to Tuckahoe for their world famous Cheese Cake.  OMG…it was so creamy!!!

It was a great trip!