Vacation – Good Times Had By All

We always love the Aviation Museum. You get to play with everything and loads of photo ops.  What’s not to love.

Pookie really loved this part of vacation the most!

Richie The V found out that Jo was waiting for him for a year at the same place that The Roomie found him.

We were all so happy to bring Jo to live with us too.  The V was giving her some pointers on the beach.  She’s a Jersey Girl so it wasn’t needed, lol.

Jo was loving being on the beach with us all.  We all talked about perhaps storming Area 51 too.  HA HA HA…that would have been funny!


We Are Still Trying To Get The Band Together

Still no name for out band.  Still nor real actual band, lol.

We’ve had some positive interest from the roommates but that’s about it.

We wanted to call ourselves the Misfits but apparently someone else stole that name by having it already, lol.  Back o the drawing board!

Science Is Cool

Americans use Science all of the time.  Even those weird folks who think Science is a hoax or something that Satan cooked up.

Richie the V has been watching Forensic Files and is digging how many scumbags go to prison because of science.  Yeah Science!   Boo for scumbag murderers!

Our Salute to Pride Month!

We live in Pride that the LGBTQ Community have survived being marginalized and victimized.  We can marry legally now.  The Roomie said she never thought she see that day.  The days of living with your love only to tell people we are “special friends”.

Love is Love.  It really is just that simple.  Let people live their own lives.  If you don’t agree then don’t bother yourself.  It’s just that simple too.