Science Is Cool

Americans use Science all of the time.  Even those weird folks who think Science is a hoax or something that Satan cooked up.

Richie the V has been watching Forensic Files and is digging how many scumbags go to prison because of science.  Yeah Science!   Boo for scumbag murderers!


Our Salute to Pride Month!

We live in Pride that the LGBTQ Community have survived being marginalized and victimized.  We can marry legally now.  The Roomie said she never thought she see that day.  The days of living with your love only to tell people we are “special friends”.

Love is Love.  It really is just that simple.  Let people live their own lives.  If you don’t agree then don’t bother yourself.  It’s just that simple too.

Winter Storm Quiana

Winter Storm Quiana dropped about 3″ on our part of town.

It was really pretty and a feathery type of snow.  Easy to shovel.

We watched The Roomies shovel.  We didn’t help…just watched, lol.

When you are only 2″ tall the 3″ of snow can be a little dice.  Eddie said he was too cold for this fracking stuff.

The only one really prepared for the snow was RBG.  It’s because she’s super brilliant.