Spencer Loves His Hat

I’ve been undead for some time now and I couldn’t believe it when the Roomie surprised me with this awesome hat!

IMG_4246 (300x400)

I am such a fan of hats.  It’s something the Roomie and I share in common but this hat reminded me of a time when I was alive and not just undead.  Riding in the countryside…ah…good times.


Spencer Is…At The Office

20130726_141435 (300x400)

I consulted the magic 8-Ball.  All signs point to me not having off tomorrow.  Well that’s a bummer.

20130726_141611 (300x400)

This is a stress relieving squeeze doll.  It relieves stress because it is hysterical looking when you do in fact squeeze it, lol!

20130726_141807 (300x400)

Don’t be a hater I was singing John Denver just for you!!

20130726_142648 (300x400)

What do you mean this is a non-smoking building!?!

IMG_0168 (300x400)

Oh well I’ll just smoke it later.  Did I ever tell you the joke about the fish?