Summer of 2013 – Trains!!!!

We went to Strasburg to see the trains.  I wasn’t sure about this trip at first but I learned that I do have such a connection with trains I never before realized.  Maybe it’s the age thing or the fact I took my first long distance trip on a train.



They even had some funerary there which made me feel completely at home.



Shelly loves trains, as we all know, but I don’t think he was quite ready for Thomas!


Thomas was looking just a little scary when he pulled up to the station.


The train yards were his favorite.  We had a blast!  The Choo Choo Barn had full replica of the town in miniature model trains.  We had to pull Shelly away from this venue because he would have lived there forever 🙂  Good times had by all…especially Shelly!


We Shall Take To The Gardens Friends

On Saturday the Roomie, her MIL and Bean took us to Longwood Gardens.

IMG_8764 (400x300)

The flowers were exquisite.

IMG_8939 (400x300)

I had a great time hanging out with Shamy too.  They are more fun than they look.

IMG_8779 (400x300)

Look they almost held hands under the Wisteria Tree.

20130518_150907 (400x300)

The gardens are on 1077 acres of land once owned by Pierre DuPont who was a great champion of Horticultural causes.

IMG_8897 (400x300)

He began Longwood Gardens with the purchase of Pierce Woods that was originally slated for demolition but he purchased the land and it’s trees to conserve the vast collection of trees planted by the Pierce family.

IMG_8979 (400x300)

So many beautiful flowers and plants.  The orchids are a prized collection.  So if you are in town for a visit…they’d love to see you there!

Teddy Goes Amish

The Roomie took us to a new place this weekend.  It’s called Dutch Wonderland.  I guess Amish World was taken already, Ba dum dum!

DSCN5560 (400x300)

I was pretty stoked because everyone knows how much I like amusements!

DSCN5569 (400x300)

DSCN5564 (400x300)

This house reminds me of a house in Germany where this old hag lady lived.  Well she lived there until those nasty kids moved in next door and tried to eat her house!

DSCN5586 (400x300)

Ha Ha I’m standing not sitting!  Always the Rebel am I, ARGGGGH!

IMG_8132 (400x300)

DSCN5595 (400x300)

Check me out on the horse-drawn carriage!  I could be almost Amish.  They speak Dutch and I speak German we are practically twins!

IMG_8265 (400x300)

Dutch Wonderland isn’t just a place for Kids it’s also a great place for the unDead crowd too!  It was a really fun time!

The Sun Came Out…Time To Play

We went to the Arboretum this weekend for some nature and fresh air.

IMG_7503 (400x300)

There were “Big Bugs” that I had to keep my eye on.  Freaky right?

IMG_7523 (400x300)

Beautiful spring flowers.  These were my favorite.

IMG_7554 (400x300)

Bjorn thinks purple is his signature color…I’m not sold on it.

IMG_7556 (400x300)

It was just a beautiful weekend with friends and perfect weather.  Good times had by all!

Bjorn and Teddy Go To Baltimore Inner Harbor

Bjorn and I went to Baltimore Inner Harbor this weekend with the Roomies.  It was pretty cool!

We went to the Aquarium...Jellie Fish are cool.

We went to the Aquarium…Jellie Fish are cool.

...But not as cool as dolphins.

…But not as cool as dolphins.

IMG_7359 (300x400) IMG_7356 (400x300)

I love this picture of me..I'm one handsome dude!

I love this picture of me..I’m one handsome dude!

IMG_7354 (400x300) IMG_7352 (300x400) IMG_7351 (400x300) IMG_7336 (400x300)

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture...he wasn't...he just looks it.

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture…he wasn’t…he just looks it.

That is one Giant Crab.

That is one Giant Crab.

I'm okay, I'm won't try to eat me.

I’m okay, I’m okay…it won’t try to eat me.

Bjorn yelled..."Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick"!

Bjorn yelled…”Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick”!

IMG_7264 (300x400)

Taxi..Hey Taxi!!! Sometimes you need a tall guy to get a cab!

IMG_7262 (400x300)

Run Forrest Run!

IMG_7291 (400x300) IMG_7269 (400x300)

Bjorn totally hated this thought it was hysterical!

Bjorn totally hated this photo-op…me…I thought it was hysterical!

IMG_7247 (300x400) IMG_7242 (400x300) IMG_7239 (400x300) IMG_7234 (400x300)
We had so much fun.  I can’t wait for our next Weekend Adventure!

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News…

Yesterday I had nothing to do so I drove the Roomie to her doctor’s appointment.  I thought I’d have flashbacks to the day I was created but nothing like that happened.

The the heck is that thing for?

What the heck is that thing for?

Height and weight check out just fine.

Height and weight check out just fine.

What a great place for nap...wake me when you are done!

What a great place for nap…wake me when you are done!

Everything went well and I drove her home.  I offered her ice cream but she’s all…’not before dinner’.  What a wet blanket, sheesh!

Go Walk In The Woods, It’s Good For You…So I Did

Today was a nice warmish day.  I feel like I’ve been plagued by the weather lately.  All my posts seemed to be weather related.  That’s what happens in the winter months.  Not much happens and then spring arrives and we all break for the outdoors.

I headed to the local park to just wander around a little.  The fresh air was amazing on my face.  I would say breathing it in but I’ve been dead for like 200 years so no breathing but I know the Roomie was sucking it all in.

The playground was abandoned by the children so I went ahead and played on all of the slides, monkey bars and see-saws!


Yee Ha!

Okay this was kind of scary.  Every time Roomie got on I would fly into the air.  She said I was accusing her of having a fat butt but I never accuse…you know when it’s obvious, HA HA HA…I crack myself up!

The Roomie threatened to leave me behind when she left.


She didn’t.  What can I say…I’m just too lovable to be left behind 😉