Happy President’s Day

The Dark Lord 45 is too busy golfing and managing his fake National Emergency.  So screw all President’s who aren’t him because he’s the greatest of all time.  All the polls show that fake news.

In his mind, but the reality is 44 is the coolest modern President!  Boom!

Happy President’s Day.  No mail today!

The Day The Smiley’s Came To Town

The Smiley’s came to town in December but apparently they are shy bunch.  There are so many of them.  Blue and Yel were the first to want to hang out with us all.

They watched Chopped with The Roomie and was very interested in the novel she is reading.

These two buds were good sports and it turns out like to have their photo taken.  Which is good because The Roomie takes a lot of pictures, lol.

The Roomie said she thinks these goof-muffins will make a great addition to our ever growing group!