Memorial Day Remembrance

Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom.

We all thank you and will remember you!


A Beautiful Spring Day

The Boys love to hang out on the deck and talk about their Franchises.

It’s the time they get to cut loose and just be regular old Action Figures, lol.

It’s supposed to be another good day coming up.  Can’t wait to just chill again!

Go USA!! Olympic Style!

Last night we watched the repeat of the Women’s Hockey Gold Medal game.  Sure we already knew the outcome but to actually watch it was awesome!

The Boys were celebrating hard!!!  The Roomie had fun too.  She kept saying…”It’s like Hoosiers, I know what happens but I can’t stop the anxiety until I see them win…again, lol.”

Chipper was cheering on Korea. They move on to the Gold Medal round.  It’s nice for the home team!