Having Fun With Snapchat 2.0


Vinny has the whole SnapChat thing down.  We all took turns but he and Buddy looked the best.


He looks like a tourist in this one, lol!


Sometimes he can be very serious.  Winter has the more laid back attitude toward life.  But they both had fun.


Not Until February!!!

Bjorn and Homie were talking about the Winter Olympics and things got a little heated.  Bjorn is obviously Team Norway and Homie is Team USA.

IMG_4259 (300x400)

Although every one in the room agreed they  aren’t sure who is dressing Bjorn these days…Bret Michaels?  Just a guess.

IMG_4256 (300x400)

The colors came out and they were going back and forth when Whit stepped in to calm the debate.

IMG_4263 (400x300)

Reminding the two of them that the Olympics do not start until February 2014 and secondly, Canada is the team that will kick butt, lol!

More Autumn Glory!

We got to walk in the woods.  Bjorn’s little brother came with us.  Boone is an odd duck so he fits in well with the rest of us 🙂

IMG_3529 (400x300)

We decided today would be a nice day to take lunch outside.

IMG_3490 (400x300)

It was beautiful and about 62 degrees.  I wish everyday was this beautiful.

IMG_3519 (400x300)

Whit was all for a hike.  I reminded him that Fairies don’t walk…they use magic to get around.  Boone was all about walking around…being Norwegian he’s quite adapt to outside frolicking.

IMG_3497 (400x300)

He is certainly the happiest Troll I’ve ever come across.  What a funny one.

IMG_3483 (400x300)

We came across some milkweed pods so The Roomie wanted to take some pictures.  She’s as odd as Boone, lol.  It was a beautiful time today but all too short.  I can’t wait to do it again…soon!