Winter Storm Avery Is In Town Today

It’s not even officially winter yet and we have our first Winter Storm today.

Avery is supposed to drop 1-3″ of snow on us before turning to Ice/Sleet and then finally rain.

Well, at least The Twins are having fun.  The Roomie said she just wants to take a nap, lol.


Ice Storms and Friends

IMG_8112 (400x300)

I have this new friend named Shelly.  You’ve seen him on this blog.  Lately, we’ve been spending some time hanging out together and I’ve found he’s a really nice kid.  We like some of the same things and for a young sport he’s not quirky when it comes to hanging out with an Elf who was raised a Gnome.

IMG_8149 (400x300)

I made him a new cloak to wear during the really cold moments.  I don’t really get that cold.  It’s probably because I spent most of my life in the Garden so cold and snow don’t faze me at all.

IMG_8157 (400x300)

We got an ice storm last night and it sure was pretty.

IMG_8158 (400x300)

I’m showing my new friend how I enjoy the outdoors all year round.  Even when the weather isn’t so pleasant.  I think he sees what I see…Beauty!

Narnia and Groundhog Day

An ice storm made its way into our little part of the globe.  The Roomie was all about picture-taking this morning.  She’s a real dork like that.
Chris went out without a coat earlier but found it too cold…even for a fairy.
We went back inside to check the weather again and well…surf the internet, lol.

Yeah no snow in the more ice.

HA HA Phil didn't see his shadow!

You are probably wondering why I’m wearing my sunglasses?  I knew you weren’t wondering…the Roomie rolled her eyes at me which I for the most part ignore anymore.  I think I look hot!
Chris has a cup of coffee before starting her workday 🙂  The Roomie is hoping that the rain will wash away all the snow.  Secretly I hope for that too.