Winter Storm Avery Is In Town Today

It’s not even officially winter yet and we have our first Winter Storm today.

Avery is supposed to drop 1-3″ of snow on us before turning to Ice/Sleet and then finally rain.

Well, at least The Twins are having fun.  The Roomie said she just wants to take a nap, lol.


Vote….It’s Important!

The Roomies are voting today.  We all got caught up in the spirit of the vote!

The Twins are very excited about their first appearance on Bjorn’s page.  Oh and what an exciting day to be here!

Rain Creates Housing Boom…News At Eleven

Naughty Bit found this Mushroom that could be a potential weekend cottage.

There has been an excessive amount of rain in the Neighborhood.  This is causing a large growth of fungi.  The Gnomes rejoice in potential housing!  The Roomie isn’t as excited about the mushrooms all over the lawn.  It’s a mushroom paradox.