Another Rainy Day

Homie doesn’t really care it’s raining again.  It’s been a while since he’s been outside.

Home drove to work this morning and thought the clouds looked cool so we took some pictures.

It’s at least cooler than it had been.  So YAY!  Well off to make the donuts!

Summer Is…Hot

The Roomie is convinced that the people who actually like Summer all live near the ocean, lol.

Sunny, hot and very humid.  It’s too hot though.

Weather Dudes are calling for scattered thunder storms with the potential for heavy rains.  Well isn’t that fun.  Keep dry peoples!

More Rain…Fun

We are still getting wraparound bands of rain from Isaias.  Normally we don’t mind rain but sometimes when we get so much all at once it’s not so much fun.

Gordo loved the park.  They’ve been dealing with fallen trees.

We are all sad when trees fall down or are taken down.

Because of the infestation of Spotted Lantern Flies some became week and fell on their own during storms, like this one.

The grass is getting high but that’s okay because it adds to the mystery of the landscape 🙂

The Dark Lord…

The Dark Lord 45 now wants to be called the Supreme Leader.  He heard it in that movie and loved the sound of it.  We all rolled our eyes at him.

He is just angry he can’t play golf today.  Honestly, it’s the only thing he does well.

This is Caleb yesterday morning.

This is Caleb just a few moments ago.

The theme is rain, followed by more rain.  It’s good for the Garden but The Roomie says it just makes summer steamier, lol.

New Guy Alert!

So this is Gordo!

Gordo is a lot of fun.  He’s fitting in quite nicely around the house and garden.

He’s getting on well with the others.  He said he thought it was odd that some wear masks and others don’t.  Ruthie explained to him since he doesn’t actually breath he doesn’t have to wear one but some wear them in solidarity with The Roomie.  She explained the whole Covid-19 thing.  He missed most of it because he’s been in a box for about 8 months.  But he’s hip to it all now.

Gordo finds living outside the box and in The House lovely and looks forward to some fun times!

Storms and Stay At Home

Well we’ve been lifted from the Red Zone to the Yellow stone and the Shelter-in-place has been lifted as well.  Signe was not ready to give up her binge watching though, lol.

She’s a fan of true crime.  Who knew?

We had some nasty storms blow through our area last week.  Pookie Noodlin was definitely not a fan.  There were trees down all over town and power was lost for thousands 😦

Not fun.  This happened for three days in a row.  Some of the storms weren’t as bad as others but we’ve all decided that should be it for the wild storms because that was not fun!

The Hours

As we all wait on the New Year, we have decided to read more this coming year.  Eddie and Jimmy are thinking, The Roomie needs to read some Virginia Woolf.  This is a marvelous idea.

She was a tortured soul, just like Eddie.  Virginia, in the end we love the prose you left behind.

The Christmas Shopping Continues…

…in the rain.

All Jangles wanted to do was decorate the playground to add some Christmas Cheer to the locals.  But it rained, then rained again and then rained some more.

Pookie and Howie are so pumped up for the whole Christmas season.

Time seems to be at full throttle towards Christmas Day.  We all have so much left to do before then.  Wish us luck!