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Summer of Barry – The One Where It Rained A Lot

We’ve had very heavy rains the last 3 days.  I went down to the Creek to see what it looked like.

It’s muddy and the water is very high on the banks.

It was beautiful in its own way.  I’m just glad we don’t live near a body of water.

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More Autumnal Fun

I’ve been having a blast recently with all of the outside fun.

SAM_5035 (400x300)

It was a little rainy and overcast for most of the day but I just couldn’t let it get in the way of my good day.

SAM_5045 (400x300)

Peak Leaf/Color season has passed but there are still some good colors on the trees.  We took to the Arboretum today.

SAM_5052 (400x300)

It wasn’t too bad.  I’m going to miss all of the color once Winter descends upon us but at least I have my memories to keep me feeling good!  Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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Curling and Rain

Curling is awesome.  The Gold Medal round didn’t disappoint.  The Canadians were on top form.

IMG_8472 (400x300)

That’s Kaitlyn getting ready to make the magic happen!

IMG_8476 (400x300)

Sweden put up a good fight but it came down to one mistake that let the Canadians in the door.

IMG_8553 (400x300)

We were having nothing but snow every week and then today came with its 58 degree temperatures and the moisture wasn’t snow this time…it was rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

IMG_8554 (400x300)

The big talk is if it will make all the snow go away…just in time for the snow that is supposed to arrive next week once our mini heat wave ends 😦  Spring is taunting us!  Not Nice!

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Teddy Goes Amish

The Roomie took us to a new place this weekend.  It’s called Dutch Wonderland.  I guess Amish World was taken already, Ba dum dum!

DSCN5560 (400x300)

I was pretty stoked because everyone knows how much I like amusements!

DSCN5569 (400x300)

DSCN5564 (400x300)

This house reminds me of a house in Germany where this old hag lady lived.  Well she lived there until those nasty kids moved in next door and tried to eat her house!

DSCN5586 (400x300)

Ha Ha I’m standing not sitting!  Always the Rebel am I, ARGGGGH!

IMG_8132 (400x300)

DSCN5595 (400x300)

Check me out on the horse-drawn carriage!  I could be almost Amish.  They speak Dutch and I speak German we are practically twins!

IMG_8265 (400x300)

Dutch Wonderland isn’t just a place for Kids it’s also a great place for the unDead crowd too!  It was a really fun time!

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Rain, Snow….I’ll Just Call It Snain!

I was chatting with Linus about the weather because that’s all anyone is talking about and he informed me that he’s going to become a Weather Icon.

IMG_6893 (400x300)

He told me that he could totally point at a weather map and say cleaver things like….”We’ve found Nemo” and then point to the storm on the map.

IMG_6894 (400x300) - Copy
Which led me to go on a diatribe about the fact it’s kind of dumb to give storms names.  Is this to make them seem more friendly?  Anyone who has survived Katrina, Andrew or Sandy can tell you that they aren’t friendly….they are meanies!  And if Nemo dumps 3 ft. of snow on New England they will not have the warm and fuzzies about Nemo either!

Apparently I need to eat a snickers bar because I’m becoming grumpy.  Sorry…continue with your regularly schedule programming.  Out!

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Not Your Ordinary Weather Guy

I’ve discovered that the weather in Pennsylvania isn’t much different from that of the weather in my homeland.  Yeah for me?  I’m not sure why but I always imagined sunshine and lollipops.  Oh well I make do.

It was kind of misty this morning.
was that lightning?!
Weather looks bad. Don’t go outside. Stay at home and eat pop tarts…how is that for a weather forecast?

The storms are a go-go.  Did you see this dinky umbrella…hey thanks guys I’m just mostly drenched and you guys are all dry…don’t worry I only hate lightning and stuff but I’m fine cause I’ve got this great umbrella.  Wait is this a drink umbrella?  You guys suck!

Any way.  Stay in today…have a little rest and maybe a grilled cheese for lunch.  Check back for further updates.

~ Teddy Malestrom…Weather Guy


Dude…the sun is out!

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Go Walk In The Woods

Chris and I decided to take our lunch in the woods one day this week.  It was so nice out and Chris was sick of snow and cold so we grabbed our lunches and talked the Roomie into driving us to the local forest.  It was pretty nice.
I kind of wish this was one of those Blue Sky days that Ryan Lavery always yaps his gums about!
On Tuesday we went to Yum-Yum’s for donuts.  I ate about 5 glazed donuts by myself.  Needless to say I wasn’t feeling great after that but hey its called Fat Tuesday for a reason!