Hopping with Hopper

Sometimes Time Travel is easy.  Like today.

I just hop on the TT Line and boom…

It’s 1957 and I’m getting a Malted at the Shoppe.

It’s 1978 and I’m hanging out with Devo.  You know, cause we’re not men…We are Devo!

Speaking of the 1970’s what is with this crazy ass wallpaper?

Sometimes I just fly by major cities like New York in the 1970’s on my way to the 1980’s.  No matter what I tend to have lots of fun doing.  I hope you get to do something you love today!  Peace!

Oh…Spring Is Back…

The weather this year has been as unpredictable as the year itself.  We’ve been having August like weather with muggy humid and rainy heated days.  Then we will get one or two days of seasonal Spring like weather.  Back to Summer again.

Today….today is beautiful and sunny with lower humidity.

Signe was just glad to be outside in her safe environment.

Storms and Stay At Home

Well we’ve been lifted from the Red Zone to the Yellow stone and the Shelter-in-place has been lifted as well.  Signe was not ready to give up her binge watching though, lol.

She’s a fan of true crime.  Who knew?

We had some nasty storms blow through our area last week.  Pookie Noodlin was definitely not a fan.  There were trees down all over town and power was lost for thousands 😦

Not fun.  This happened for three days in a row.  Some of the storms weren’t as bad as others but we’ve all decided that should be it for the wild storms because that was not fun!

Sometimes It’s A Star Wars Day

The Admiral was in the mood for a Star Wars Marathon.  So we had one…

We are watching in order.  After finishing Rogue One we moved on to Episode IV: A New Hope.  The Roomie was telling us all what it was like to see this movie in the Theater in 1977.  Yes, she is wicked old, lol.

Leaders of the Movement

We’ve been wearing masks before it was required for daily living.

It’s part of our trade.  Sure we look cool and all but now it’s important to wear masks when in the public forum.  Be like us.  Be cool, be safe!

Yes, we are now paid in toilet paper for our super hero status, lol.

Where’s Kim Jong Un?

Waldo being tired of the shelter in place orders and being easy to find now saw the news this morning that Dictator Kim Jong Un may be sick, dying, died or just on vacation.  It occurred to The Roomie that this is just like Where’s Waldo but on and international scale.

Waldo decided to change his face with a KJU mask.  Maybe he will be as hard to find as KJU is these days.