Hanging with Dwayne

There was a big storm that passed through our little town and WOW did it rain.  The lightening was cool 😉  Since I had to power down my computer to wait out the storm and since Dwayne doesn’t to jack around the office we decided to go all VOGUE.

Dwayne you Ditz...you're blocking my shot!

Because it's all about MEEEEE!!!!

How about them Phillies beating Cleveland today?

No really...Peanut Butter is good for your hair...seriously

tut tut it looks like rain

A little Gaga makes the rain less rainy

And this is how Dwayne and I spent our S.H.I.T.  (Shit Honey Its Thursday) 😉


The Flyers lost last night in overtime but you know what they got farther than any of those sports announcing Mooks thought they would.  My team was counted out time and again and they came back with a boost of energy and talent unlike any other.

Also, the Blackhawks may have won Lord Stanley’s Cup but they won it in Philly and I consider that a score too.  Until next year my Fly-guys!

p.s.  The Roomie was a little too excited this morning…she said her zombie was back.  Um…HELP ME!!

Philly Is So Cool

As the Roomie was driving to work we stopped at the local fast food franchise for some tasty but unhealthy morsals when I saw this….

The Philadelphia Realestate market

I’ve never seen anything like this on the fjord.  In fact I had to have the Roomie explain to me who Angelo Bruno was and what a ‘Mob’ was.  All I can say is Holy Lingonberris youse guys!

Then we spent the rest of the ride discussing Mob nicknames.

  • Angelo Bruno aka The Gentle Don
  • Antonio Capranigro aka Tony Bananas
  • Phillip Testa aka Chicken Man
  • Nicodemo Scarfo aka Little Nicky
  • Joseph Merlino aka Skinny Joey

I’m not sure what my Mob nickname would be.  Probably something obvious like Bjorn Maelstrom aka “The Norwegian”.

On non-mob related news…LET’S GO FLYERS!!!

Let's Go Flyers....God Bless Kate Smith!

I still have some love for the Phillies.  They’ve got some issues and YES the Mets beat us but it was a viral thing and they will work out their problems.  I’m still their fan too!

Summer is here.


Okay I’m not really Iron Man.  If anything I’m Iron Troll!

Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) came to visit me at lunch today.

We started talking about baseball.  He’s a Mets fan…I’m like really…a Mets fan.  Well one thing led to another and we were wrestling around.

And as my Roomie likes to say…’It’s all fun and games until someone loses a leg’.

I just want to go on record saying that Iron Man is a WIMP!  Superman would have kicked my butt.  And I’m dang sure he wouldn’t have fallen apart so easily.  He was just all broken up about it…HA, HA, HA!  Get it…all broken up!  Yeah…I’m a funny Troll.

In the end we made up.  I forgave him for being a Mets Fan and he agreed to wave my Phillies Banner!  However, I don’t think we’ll be doing lunch again any time in the future.

Lunch Review with Alistair

Being a Troll I’m more about leaves and grasses.  So to say I’m a salad person would be spot on.  Every once and a blue moon I will branch out of my comfort zone.  This was the case for lunch.  I ordered a BLT.  Really they should have just called it a Bacon Sandwich.  This is the bacon I removed from the sandwich.

Bacon is good for what ails you...true story

It might not look all that impressive to you but the guys ate a bunch of it and the other bunch was still on my sandwich 😉

I also tried the Onion Rings.  I wasn’t overly impressed and passed them off to the guys because they will eat anything.  No really…they will.

Onion Ring Hula Hoop anyone?

Um…did you notice that all my Troll luck was aimed at the Phillies who pulled out a victory in 11 innings?  Yeah, that was awesome.

p.s.  Still no word from Bjorn.  I guess he’s having too good a time to call home.  I hate that Troll 😉

Even On Good Friday The Mets Suck

…That’s what she said…HA!

Yesterday Scooter and I Modeled the Before and After of his new look.  The look is reminiscent of his day in Boot Camp but it’s a stylin’ do.  As is evident in the pictures below.

And Scooter looks so happy….

Smile Scooter 🙂

Today I was all havin’ a cup of joe when Scooter surprises me with his wardrobe today…YEAH MAN…The Mets do suck.  I quick grabbed my sign to take some pictures because it was too awesome a moment to miss!

So far the day is starting off to an awesome tune.



I took some time to smell the flowers…

p.s.s.  The Mets still suck!