Summer of 2013 – Art?

I know that art in itself is subject to what the person viewing it feels and thinks about it.


I’m kind of art snobish I think.  I like my art to be Monet, Van Gogh or even Dali, I tend to understand their works but I’m not sure what to get from this snot producing skeleton?


Do I like it?  I’m not sure but it is different.  What do you all think?


Kick Goes American Music Awards On Us

Oh My Bob…what a gorgeous 59 degree day in the middle of winter.

I made some new friends who are a little scary looking but Bob (aka God, aka The Big Kahuna) would want me to take them under my wing…who cares if they are actually Undead Americans?  Kick doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age, race, sexual orientation or living status…WORD!

Zombies are all the rage in Hollywood.  Or so I’ve been told by Rick.  I’m not so sure he didn’t make up that gem…you know because he is an Zombie.

I took one look a these Undead Americans and thought…THRILLER RE-ENACTMENT!  Oh Yeah…so I got these Zombie all Jiggy with it.

This one’s for you MJ…

Even Undead American’s can have disabilities but you know this guy named Kevin who has no legs (because Jared ate them) was still kicking it with us.  I had to work extra hard with him but he finally got it.

Then when we finished we needed a big finally so me and the girls did a little ditty to “All The Single Ladies”.  Hey Beyonce Hey…Zombies have more moves than you…BO Yah!  Yeah…I did it…I threw down on Beyonce!

We had some fun.  Met some new people who were watching us get our dance on in the park and you know I feel GREAT!

Just some advice…Zombies like to bite and apparently that’s a bad thing unless they bite each other so be cautious when you first meet a dancing zombie.  Other than that they can be really sweet Undead Americans 🙂