Everyday Elves

The Roomie has taken in wayward Elves for years.  These are just a few of those little people she’s known over the years.

Happy Valentines Day 2019

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2019

O Tannenbaum, at home.

O Tannebaum

Sumner and Sinjin want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of the Elves.

The Twins love lunching.

Winter Storm Avery.

It’s snowing….yay!  It’s snowing!!!

A beautiful Sunset before Winter Storm Avery settles into town.

Mustache Madness!

The Twins, Sinjin and Sumner are preparing for their first American Thanksgiving.  So far it’s fun.

They also find that dress up is fun too.  Look they have Mustaches, lol.