Famous People

Famous faced toys like to play too.

Something the Dark Lord doesn’t know how to do….

He doesn’t know how to read, lol.

It’s back to work for the little guys.  Ruthie’s message for 2020 is still the same…

Happy New Year!

Ruthie says Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!

Ruthie tried to tell the Dark Lord that he was playing with dubious fires.

He got burned.

This holiday he will be in disguise on the Golf Course.  Hopefully thinking about his poor life choices.

A lesson in History.

Ruthie shows the Dark Lord that this is the Constitution.  He swore an oath to defend the laws of the Constitution.

Ruthie tells the Dark Lord this looks more like a Heil Hitler than an act to take an oath.

Hil, is drinking a toast to the Dark Lord being stupid.  Ruthie is trying to help the Dark Lord but it’s not working.

I’m a Space Cadet!

I’m Elton John as the Rocket Man, LOL.

I’m a lot of things.  Some not all good.

To the things that make us drink!

Snap Chat allows the Dark Lord to look like his daughter.  It’s kind of creepy.  Just like the Dark Lord.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Birthday RBG!

Stormy Normie – Enjoying Snow Storm Ryan!

RBG – Enjoying the snow

Hey, look I’m making a snow angel!

RGB – The Jersey Shore – Winter Addition

We got cheese cake in Tuckahoe…super yummy!

RBG hangs with the Little People.

No, really…they are Gnomes and the Gnomes are big fans of RBG!

It’s almost President’s Day.  Who is cooler?  Like we don’t know this one, lol.

The Darklord and his opinion about everything that is not him.

Barry radiates coolness!

Like I don’t know what 45 is doing behind my back.  He’s so predictable.

No matter what every one will always love me more.  Mostly because I’m not a douche.

The Dark Lord 45 has a new apprentice.

In DC they call her the new Chief-of-Staff.  The Dark Lord wanted to add more women to his cabinet and finally found the perfect fit for his right hand Evil Overlordess.

They have so many of the same qualities.  Although the COS is more mild than the Dark Lord 45.

Notorious RBG explains to Individual One this is the Constitution!

When that didn’t work…

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  A man of Honor and Vision.

Individual One loves to have his picture taken.  He just didn’t know The Roomie was taking it with Snapchat, lol.

Tomorrow is one of the greatest American Holiday.  I’m thankful for freedom, food, my house and family and friends.  I’m thankful that I do not have to work and thankful those who do keeping us safe and sound.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Snow Day.  Thanks Avery!