Halloweenie Town

100% Halloweenie!

Moonbeam and Frankie

Halloween Month of Fun

Are You A Ghost?

No, I’m a Smiski.

I believe that is just a fancy word for Ghost.  So yes, you are a ghost.

Sure, I will be your ghost…but I’m still a Smiski.

Happy Vacation Time!

Happy Fourth of July!

We are trying to get out a lot more since peak Leaf Season is among us!


Movie in the Woods

Janie, Cows and sunsets

Janie, Graveyards and sun.

Bonfire and full moons

You know my knife is bigger than yours…

Yeah well, I don’t have to hide my ugly face with a really bad mask.

Well that was mean 😦

Getting our Scarecrows on!

Seriously…it doesn’t look anything like me, except it does.

The Sisters loving the pumpkins!

Winnie and Mary were checking out their competition.

Everyone had a good time getting outside!

Mr. Pumpernickel is in the car.

Georgie is too trusting, lol.

We have been having so much fun.  325 years is a long time to make up for so…Party like it’s 1999…or…you know what we mean!

We didn’t know how famous we’ve become in the last 25 years since our last visit.  We are now Celebrities!

It’s been 325 years but the girls are back!  Just in time for Halloween!

The Last day of Summer 2018

Radcliffe Jones is in the house yo’s!!!

Also, he’s in the cemetery too, lol.

We are getting closer to October Halloween Goodness!


Best Book Ever!  Just saying 🙂

Hanging by the Fountain 🙂

Teddy Waving to Baltimore!

All Hail Shark Week!

I’m Teddy Malestrom.  I’m originally from the Black Forest but now live with the Roomie and all those crazy creatures!


My name is Spencer.  I’m awesome and original I hail from Florida.

Berry is a former famous Ad Guy and Blankly was once in Television.

If you don’t know this famous guy you’ve lived in a cave for a very long time!

Brody is a really fun guy.  He loves doing crazy things and traveling.  The Roomie says he’s a really sweet fella.  But I think she says that about a lot of us 🙂

Wendy visits Cape May, New Jersey.