Madmen and Poets

The wildly creative can be wildly crazy and sometimes fun.  This is their page!

This is the most beautiful time of the year.

It makes us very happy.  You can’t tell because we are depressed artist types.  But we are all giggly inside.

Bad things happen when Jimmy has a brilliant idea!

We were invited to a pre-Halloween Photo Shoot.  Jimmy said he knew were it was because he drew out a map.  His map took us first to a cemetery.  There was no photo shoot at the cemetery.

He said, ‘Hey let’s follow this path into the dark foreboding forest.

Well, that led us to this super creepy house.

While there three witches stormed into the room and asked us what we were doing in their house.

Jimmy explained everything in his usual idiotic way.  I had to apologies to him because they had just come from the photo shoot and told us where it was located.

Jimmy gets smug when he’s right.  I hate that!  I like him, but hate when he’s right.

Eddie and Jimmy have a new friend named Naughty Bit.  Well, Eddie said, Jimmy has a new friend named Naughty Bit, lol.

Vinny is branching out into music.  One does not live or die by painting alone 🙂

He’s decided to join the V’s new band that has no name yet.  He’s very trusting, lol.

Other Art is Better

Art is Good

Reading A Good Book or Two

A Garden Luncheon.

Storms are brewing.

Hocus Pocus time 🙂

We played in the pool.

We went to the Symphony and it was outside too.

We went outside.  Everyone was complaining it was sooooo hot and humid but we could care less.  We are awesome like that.  Anyway, Caleb gave us a “Garden Tour”.  It was fun.

So much fun!  A little rain, humidity and lightning never scared us away.  Mostly because we are drunk all of the time but there are other reasons.  I just can’t think of any of them, Thumbs Up!

The Roomie’s wife bought her these Photo booth stickers and of course Jimmy couldn’t control himself. I take no responsibility for any of the follow pictures…Eddie!

Me and Jimmy just like hanging out together.  I’m not sure why since we are both creative genius’ and one of us is a klutz.

I’m going to leave it to you to guess which one of us is the Klutz!

Vinny is one of the greatest painters of all time, but sometimes he is just too stoic!  He says things like…I call this photo “Painter on the Beach”.  Not very original.

Jimmy loves old things.  They remind him of life in Ireland.

I like old houses.  They remind me of Life in Philadelphia, ha ha ha.

Happy President’s Day

Jimmy wants to know how he can become one of these Presidents.  I explained he couldn’t because he wasn’t born in America.  Jimmy called Bullsh*t!

We admit it.  Vinny is overly photogenic.

Happy Ground Hog Day!  For people not living in the USA happy February 2nd!

Jimmy never can hold his liquor!

Jimmy and Eddie digging the Pacific Ocean


Look I’ve been collated, lol.

Jimmy loves being some what famous.

Vinny painted Vinny.  That’s not creepy at all, lol.

You should totally watch THE CROWN in Netflix.  It’s awesome!

Once again….Jimmy you are a Klutz!  This time with more Ocean!


Eat at Joe’s…so we did.


We love the melting pot.  Even if we are too short for the menu 🙂

Me and Jimmy love to eat out!

Rocking the People Pinwheel

Star Wars Shic!

Vinny and Big John!

You don’t have to hide it….you, like Jimmy are digging my cowboy hat!

We had a book party!