Mr. Nigel Murray

I am originally from The Cotswolds in England.  It was time to leave the comforts of my homeland and fly across the pond.  I found a new home with a group of very strange fellows from all over the world.  We mesh very well together and I’ve never looked back.  These are my adventures.

Valentine’s Day 2019

Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle.  Very nice.  Reminds me of home.

Rex Manning Day!  Do you need any other information?  Seriously?  Mark your calendars, April 8th!

Ah, Winter.

When I came here I needed a more human name so I took the name of my favorite character on television.  Mr. Nigel Murray from Bones.  He’s British and I’m British.   You get it.

He is brilliant and funny and so much like me.  We are practically twins.  You know, if he were a troll too.

Look I have clothes on now, lol.

As a Troll I love the outdoors the most.

The Roomie is a member of a local Arboretum.  The most exquisite gardens.  Always a brilliant time.

More friends!

Lenny and I have a lot in common so we hang together around the house.

Stewie is a different matter all together.

The Winter Olympics.  What can I say.  I love curling!

We go to the beach every year.  This was my first summer with the crew and it was a hoot.  Notice I’m still naked, lol.

Sunsets are the best!

The Sunken Ship at Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey.

My New friends Bantly and Ovie 🙂

Naked in the City of Brotherly Love

We went to the Theater.

I had an accident while traveling but the Roomie did some surgery and I was much better.

Apparently trolls do not run around naked in America.


Me and the Roomie