Tom Ato

I’m a newbie but I’m digging sharing my adventures.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Not what I had in mind when I told the Roomie to get a grip, lol.

I got to play in the snow this morning before everyone became all serious.  People need to learn to chill!  HA HA HA….see what I did there, lol.

We took off for The Jersey Shore this weekend.  I feel like Paulie D, lol.

Time for a break only to find out we are out of KitKat bars 😦

Survivor Time!

Snow storm Petra blanketed our area.  It was pretty to look at and pretty annoying to drive in.

Happy President’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February’s Weekend Adventures begin with a visit to the American Treasure Tour.

This tour is fun because they drive you around in a Tram, lol.

So many eclectic collections.

Mr. Bacon is always a happy guy but this trip he was even more pleasant.

There is a Music Room, Toy Box, Dental Exhibits and Dollhouses.

Lots of Cars and Motorbikes.  Toys abound and there are even Noids.  If you are in the Oaks, PA area…check them out!

This weekend’s adventure was to Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  We visited the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle.  These two locations were built by Henry Chapman Mercer.  He was a wealthy man who lived tile and pottery and founded his own Moravian Tile Works.

Although I look orange.  I am not an orange.  I am a Tom Ato 🙂

My life’s dream is to be on Beat Bobby Flay and…you know…Beat Bobby Flay, lol.

After the Storm

Rainy Days and Warm-ups


Coffee Break

It’s all about the Art, Man!

Art is really weird, fer sure!

Nap Time!

Jedi Master in-Training

Cheesing with The Roomie!

Cheesing with the Other Roomate!

Hanging with B.  We are getting pumped for this weekends game against the Bears for the Wildcard spot.  First stop on the way back to the Bowl!

HA HA HA….I’ve got pizza on my head.  It matches my shirt, lol.

Look…I’m art! Groovy baby, groovy!

My first New Year’s Eve celebration!  I saw a giant ball land on New York on Television.  The V told me that Alien Landings don’t look like that.  They are kind of quiet and in the middle of no where.

I met this guy Mr. Bacon and he was a hoot.  They all kept yelling BLT, BLT, BLT but we had no L unless you count Lenny.  LOL.

I was like…’get over here you and get in this picture closer’!

He did and it was the start of a glorious friendship!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Groovy whatever you do or do not celebrate!

Christmas Time is here…

Let’s put on those “eatin’ pants’ and get this party rolling!

Last minute Christmas shopping on The Hill.

I love this little town.  It looks like that village in Harry Potter…Hogsmead.