Bjorn and Teddy Go To Baltimore Inner Harbor

Bjorn and I went to Baltimore Inner Harbor this weekend with the Roomies.  It was pretty cool!

We went to the Aquarium...Jellie Fish are cool.

We went to the Aquarium…Jellie Fish are cool.

...But not as cool as dolphins.

…But not as cool as dolphins.

IMG_7359 (300x400) IMG_7356 (400x300)

I love this picture of me..I'm one handsome dude!

I love this picture of me..I’m one handsome dude!

IMG_7354 (400x300) IMG_7352 (300x400) IMG_7351 (400x300) IMG_7336 (400x300)

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture...he wasn't...he just looks it.

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture…he wasn’t…he just looks it.

That is one Giant Crab.

That is one Giant Crab.

I'm okay, I'm won't try to eat me.

I’m okay, I’m okay…it won’t try to eat me.

Bjorn yelled..."Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick"!

Bjorn yelled…”Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick”!

IMG_7264 (300x400)

Taxi..Hey Taxi!!! Sometimes you need a tall guy to get a cab!

IMG_7262 (400x300)

Run Forrest Run!

IMG_7291 (400x300) IMG_7269 (400x300)

Bjorn totally hated this thought it was hysterical!

Bjorn totally hated this photo-op…me…I thought it was hysterical!

IMG_7247 (300x400) IMG_7242 (400x300) IMG_7239 (400x300) IMG_7234 (400x300)
We had so much fun.  I can’t wait for our next Weekend Adventure!


Hello Maryland – The Fairy Files

So this weekend I went to Maryland with the Roomie and some friends.  As a Fairy of the World (or the USA) I’m glad I was able to add this getaway to the ‘places I’ve been’ files.

We gravitated to the Chesapeake this weekend.  Although a BIG boating community there were things for non-boaters to do also.

Rock Hall Maryland offered us some great seafood and some history of the local area.  It was once known for its Oysters but due to over harvesting it has change things a bit.

We stayed at this great Inn.  It was beautiful and comfy and had a giant TV in the room.  What more could you ask for?

I was manning the ship…um Inn 😉

On Sunday we headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor.  It was a beautiful place.  They were having an Otakan Convention or something and their were these people walking around that looked like they could have been related to me.  It was AWESOME!!

We headed to the Baltimore Aquarium to see the fishes swim…neatoriffic!

Then it was off to the Hard Rock Cafe for some yummy delicious food before heading home.  I was tired but it was an awesome trip.

We love you Baltimore!