Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

IMG_9063 (400x300)

Patches O’Hurley couldn’t wait to get this day started.  Doing the Irish Jig is his favorite dance so today he is ready to breakout his tap shoes and start Jigging!

IMG_9065 (400x300)

It snowed this morning but the boys feel certain it won’t hinder the festivities planned for later!  Come on people…go get your IRISH ON!!!


Just in from the Irish Government…Americans Suck and can’t spell.  Being American Elves/Gnomes we are part of that suckage and have fixed the faux pas.  Happy St. Paddy’s Day…y’all!!!

Tut, Tut It Looks Like Rain


The sky looked a little grey so I went outside to check it out.


The clouds were all billowy and I kind of like that in my cloud formations.


Then the sky dropped a large quantity of water.  I figured my forecast would be 100% chance of Rain.  Also, Jerry said my umbrella should be in a drink.  I think he’s saying that because I took out of his drink and he noticed, lol.  That is the short story of why I smell like vodka this early in the day 😉  True story!