Bjorn’s Flash Back

I’ve been looking at old pictures of some of my adventures.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

The trip to South Carolina was part of our pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida.  We stopped in every state on the way.

Savannah, Georgia was also part of that pilgrimage.   I loved this very old city.  It had southern charm and so much history.  There is a raw beauty about Savannah.  Sometimes it’s hard to describe. If you can, I recommend a visit to the port community.  It’s known for its Art School, Spanish Moss and incredible historic homes with exquisite iron work.

Baltimore, Maryland has a beautiful Inner Harbor.  So many activities to keep you busy all day.  They also have many delicious venues to get food.  The National Aquarium was a lot of fun too.  It’s on the way to Washington, D.C. so if you are going that way check it out on the way.

This picture was taken at Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA.  This site was a particular favorite of The Roomie.  She loves anything 1700’s which Philadelphia has in spades.  She even loved that it rained that day.  Lack of crowds offers more adventure time and one gets to really experience the site.  I was digging the cannons…loud but very cool.

Cleveland, Ohio is the home to Rock ‘N’ Roll.  They Museum offers many things.  From Michael Jackson’s glove to Elvis’ motorcycle.  Cleveland is also known for it’s Art Museums and our favorite…The Christmas Story House.  The Roomie enjoyed Lakeside Cemetery.  She’s all about Cemeteries too.  She was digging the Cemeteries in Savannah too 😉

I’m not sure where my next adventure will be but I know it will be a good one.


Forced Retirement

It is with sad heart that after 12 years of travel and adventure Bjorn Maelstrom is being forced to retire.  This weekend saw his worst injury today.

img_0968-375x500 img_1004-375x500

While visiting Historic Hope Lodge to ring in the fun Christmas Season Bjorn suffered another radical amputation.  If you follow his travels you know that he’s lost both hands, his tail, his nose and his hair due to many individual circumstances.  This time he has lost his arm.  He is running out of parts to fall off.

img_1020-375x500 img_1021-375x500

So for his future safety and under much protest the old boy is now shelf bound.  His family and friends will keep up the travels and adventures but for the foreseeable future Bjorn will be a quiet old man in retirement 😦  This makes us all sad since he was the one who started it all.  Hang in there our Norwegian friend.

Bjorn Just Can’t Catch A Break

I was just sitting at home when Tara the wonder puppy decided my hair was fun to play with and ripped it off my head.


So I was feeling humiliated for a while…


But the Roomie was able to glue my hair back on and things were relatively okay.  It was embarassing enough when my nose broke off but this scalping just put me over the edge.  I need some serenity so I’m going to go for a walk in the forest.  I ‘ll see you all…whenever I come back, lol.  Happy New Year!

Update on Bjorn Maelstrom’s Surgery

It was a little dicey but he came through like the tough little Troll he is and bounced right back.


Bjorn would like to thank his doctors for saving his nose and giving him the all clear to go to Ohio this weekend. (note:  these are the doctors from Scrubs not Bjorn’s actual doctors)


If it weren’t for all of those years of watching General Hospital and Guiding Light, oh and All My Children and One Life To Live The Roomie would not have known how to perform such a delicate operation as a nose job.  But thanks to the likes of Dr. Noah Drake, Doctor Cliff Warner, Doctors Ed and Rick Bauer and of course Dr. Larry Wolack she learned how to use super glue to fix anything.  Even a Norwegian Import!

Thank you daytime dramas for this monumental moment in the life of Bjorn Maelstrom!!!

Bjorn’s Sick And We are All Sad

So Bjorn went to have some pictures taken today of the rainstorm we had.  He was waiting his turn and no one had noticed but his nose had broken off.


He was smiling that big grin he has but when we told him his nose fell off he wasn’t smiling much anymore.
We found his nose thank goodness and he is currently having it repaired.  Bjorn will look different but he’s a
strong little Troll and has survived broken arms and bangs and dents in the past.

The gang is all concerned but with his active adventurer’s lifestyle it was bound to happen.  He’s not giving up his
adventures.  He’ll be on bed rest a will probably have a couple of surgeries but will be back soon.

In the meantime the group will fill in and keep the adventures going.

Please keep Bjorn in your thoughts.

The Roommate


Arvid came to us in December.  He actually arrived in August but he’s been very quiet.  Now he’s all about “Hey, check me out”!


He’s a cute little guy.  His parents were family friends of the Maelstroms and so he came to visit Me, Bjorn, Ingrid and Boone for a while.


He’s pretty funny and likes to hide out then pop-up when you least expect it.  Very much a Hide-n-Seek kind of Troll.
We are so happy he’s come to stay with us and can’t wait to see what kind of Adventures he gets into.