The Summer of M&S – The Summer Reading List

We have this little sort of Book Club with The Roomie.   Mostly she reads to us and we comment on what she’s reading.  Right now she is reading”Nightshift” by the master of horror literature, Mr. Stephen King.

She says she can only read this book during daylight hours.  I totally get that!  This book is a collection of short stories written by Stephen King over the years and published as a book.  It reminded us all of his other collection “Different Seasons”

The Roomie’s night time book is Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America”.

I’m pretty sure this story is just as scary as Night Shift!

She also informed us that her vacation read this year is also a Stephen King thriller…IT!  So no sleeping during holiday either, lol.

Our Book Club

4 Writers, A Nun and A Crazy Painter Walk Into A Bar…A Coffee Bar!

So Kick has decided to form a book club.  She recruited 4 former writers and a crazy painter.  You know how those artist types are.  Luckily for everyone involved Kick chooses the books.  Yeah for the Mysteries!