Hot Hot Hot Festival

We went with the Roomie to the Chestnut Hill Fall Festival.  It felt more like Summer Festival than Fall.  The temperatures were a sweltering 90+ which made the Roomie melt.

It was a lot of fun even with the heat.  We just need Fall to kick in with it’s wonderfully cool temperatures.

I might not have a cool name like Jack Skellington but I got my pumpkinishous on!  Elliott Pumpkinton is a fine name.  Maybe I will be come famous because of this blog.  I told this to the Roomie and she laughed…like a lot.  I’m too fabulous not to be famous…just saying.


Autumn Adventures

Autumn festivus is really getting in full go mode in our little block of the woods.  We’ve been lucky that the weather has  been very cooperative with our many adventures.  The Roomie’s kind of a stinker when it’s cold and rainy out and I drag her through the woods.  I think it’s the spider thing.

The Arts Festival on the Hill

The Chestnut Hill Arts Festival was this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  This is one of my favorite towns within the “Big City” and by big city I am of course referring to PHILADELPHIA.

Someday you'll see me on this stage!

B101 was on hand for some musicus festivus

We even managed to squeeze in a Craft Show this weekend where the Roomie got lots of Halloween stuff.  Me I got a candy apple…you know…because I have priorities!

Here Housed the Craft Fair

And this wasn’t all I did this weekend.  This Troll is hot and happenin’!